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12/26/2015 09:33:00 pm


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p/s: haritu wonder jugak kenapa followers blog ni makin berkurang, what have i done? but then baca entry kak ajan and nampak bukan aku sorang je rupanya, orang lain lagi lah sampai berpuluh-puluh. takpe la i redha la cani. maybe delete blog yang dah tak active kot(?) 

a friend

12/20/2015 12:37:00 am
i watched this anime and they're super duper cute cherry on top  


first of all, i want to  thank those bloggers yang follow this blog. this crap blog, actually. i update every trillion years and only god knows who read these entries. haha. but still, anyway, thank you for spending you time here. i don't think i give enough credit to all of you. oh, and thanks for complimenting my blog. i have been through hell to make that header work, actually.

 i don't mean to start this entry with this, actually. to be honest, i have been clicking this "create post" page every five minutes. i want to write something, but i don't have any idea what to write about. haha what a crappy blogger i am. sorry.

aku bosan sebenarnya.

selalunya aku dengar dari seniors, hidup lepas spm ni best la. maybe best untuk yang ada kerja. but why no one warn me of how boring is a life without a work? i swear to god, i feel like studying and i hate study. all these novels i have been reading, they always keep me distracted. but now i cant focus on them. i just feel. really. bored.

i'm sorry you have to hear me whining. those juniors be like, "bersyukurlah dah habis sekolah." haha you know what, you're right. i should be grateful. alhamdulillah.

alright, since i don't know what to write about, let me tell you about a friend of mine.
he was classmate when we were 15 years old (form 3). i actually don't exactly remember how i know him, but i remember that he is a die hard otaku. yep, he is. still is to be honest. so every time we are together - we are not actually together, i mean when we hang out together *you know what, i'll shut up now - we're only after 1 topic: anime. yep, that's all we ever talk about.

okay so, when i first know that he is an otaku, i was like begging him to give everything related to anime to me. i gave my pendrive - my baby who is dead now - to him. and he put in that pendrive like tens of openings and endings of anime he recommended to me and two 12 episodes anime. at that moment i was like "wow, this guy honestly. i like you". but not like that. never like that.

a thing about this guy was he always came to school late. hampir setiap hari jugak la dia datang sekolah lepas loceng bunyi. kadang-kadang dia masuk kelas sebelum loceng waktu rehat berbunyi. he is a badass. i mean, everyone doesn't want to be late to school because of the punishments they will get from the teachers. but this guy, this particular guy came to school on his whims. i mean, how is that behavior even possible?

so one day, me and my friends asked him, "weh asal kau selalu datang lambat?" and he said, "aku bangun lambat." so we asked him again, "asal kau tidur lambat?" and his greatest answer was, "aku tengok anime."

and just like that ladies and gentlemen, he managed to make us dropped our jaws right then and there.

Anime Review: Haikyuu!!

12/08/2015 03:46:00 pm

hello this is my first review ever so i might looks awkward while typing this lol. last night i watch connor franta's [click] youtube video along with troye sivan's [click]. and i was like, wow the way they talk so casually in front of camera fascinating me! it makes me daydream - or night dream since it was night, whatever floats your boat really - about becoming a vlogger too. haha like that's going to happen, right? i'm so awkward in front of camera. not to mention i'm not a photogenic person so me in a video might blind your eyes.

okay sorry, let's get back to the main title.

the idea of doing an anime reiew is actually from various blogs i have been "blogwalking" to. and after watching lots of anime i was like,

"why don't i share my point of view of this certain anime to readers?" 

who knows you might end up watching the anime. haha.
so yea, this is my first anime review *yay

i start watching this anime before spm(?) and just watching halfway because spm did happens. so last night i resume watch the rest of the episodes. hint; it is super intense!!

Japanese: ハイキュー!!
Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 6, 2014 to Sep 21, 2014
Producers: Production I.G, Mainichi Broadcasting, TOHO animation
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Source: Manga
Genres: Comedy, Drama, School, Shounen, Sports
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Quick synopsis;
this story is about a little guy - sorry, first year student i mean *but he's so smol - Shouyo Hinata was inspired after watching a volleyball ace called "Little Giant" in action, so he start to join volleyball club in middle school. then at the tournament, he met this other guy - whose team defeated his team badly in the tournament - named Tobio Kageyama which people called "King of the court". Hinata made a vow to surpass Kageyama in the future.
which doesn't happen. at all. since they went to the same high school and join the same volleyball team *lol how are you going to defeat your own teammate?
then hinata found his actual power in volleyball which is superior jumping power - i swear to god this chibi can jump as high as you can imagine. then they discover kageyama happens to has hisown problem that only hinata can can help with, and together they learn to work together as a team. hint; together they're terrifying!
 to me i'm going to give this anime ★★★★★!! because i love love love sports anime. it's because i can feel the tense when they're in tournament, i can practically feel the spirit of a team to win. so if you're a sports anime lover like me, i recommend you to watch this anime. *you might be disappoint at the end but hey, season 2 is still airing.

so now i'm just going to wait until season 2 finish airing so i can feel the exact same excitement to win the spring tournament and compete in national!


11/26/2015 09:16:00 pm


Alhamdulillah, bersyukur ke hadrat Allah kerana telah memberi aku peluang untuk menduduki Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. Mudah-mudahan usaha dan ilmu yang telah aku curahkan akan membawa kepada kecemerlangan dalam keputusan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia kelak. InsyaAllah.

Hari ni, 26 November 2015 aku baru sahaja tamat sesi persekolahan + SPM. maigod after this kena fikir pasal uni pulak dah. haha. but that's okay right now i have like 5 to 6 months off before going to uni - give or take. i am so going to use the time as good as possible.

so my friend asked me "so what's your plan?"

haha honestly? i am so going to download all teen wolf from season 1 to season 5A. i have been waiting to re-watch that tv series ever since tv9 stopped airing the series.

then i'm going to read. read. read. lots of books. those books have been waiting for me in my room since september. top up tidur. yes. that's a must. i need all the beauty sleep i can get. and then ANIME. yas i'm gonna get my hands on every anime i can watch. hahaha

but before that hehe, kalau korang ada host any giveaway ke apa, please let me know okay? i want to keep this blog as much update as possible. dah lama pun tak join mana-mana giveaway. i think the last time i did, masa merdeka. yep. that time.

so hooray for me, and congratulations too to those SPM candidates because you have been fighting these whole 2 years for this examination :)


11/07/2015 04:45:00 pm
my url hehehehe

hi guys. hi. you know i'm currently on break with spm because deepavali *thank god. but the break is not that long - only for a week for god's sake. i'm so going to use this precious time as good as i can.

well, maybe i can start with studying. now. *sweats

i don't  actually have any purpose posting this entry. i just don't want to leave my beloved blog in a long time as i had vowed to never abandoned it again. *sobs sorry i still love you, dear blog.

i want to thank all of your who wish the best for my spm. but if you scroll through twitter full with spm candidates, you will know how we complain about anything and everything. yeah right, our faults too because we are not prepared and kbat is so killing us.

so here i am, wanting to salute those pt3 students who 90% of their papers are full of kbats *tabik spring.

today is literally the day for 5sos fam. *hi guys. some are crying for 2 different reasons - they got tickets and they didn't get the tickets. okay i'm the latter. you see, it's like hunger games with the website come crashing down - like london bridge is falling down, falling down - and fan presale which i didn't go. it's kind of devastated la because i was hoping to buy one but they sold out *cries

so yeah until i write again about something far more interesting than this rubbish of an entry. bye *waves

take a break have a kitkat

Tips for spm candidates

10/03/2015 06:39:00 pm

"Spm is just around the corner, so there’s no time to play around anymore!"
That sentence is what I always tell myself every waking hour but my mind seems like can’t take it. There are times when I feel regret on why I didn’t study since I was form 4. If I did back then, I won’t have to repeat the same thing over and over again but still can’t master it. Darn it, addmath.

I still don’t get it. *cries

So here I’m going to share with you some tips I got from my aku janji. Well sebenarnya aku janji dah lama lepas but I don’t have time to update this blog. What I was doing, I don’t even know. Probably because I think this kind of things are not that important. Tapi ilmu tetap ilmu kan. So yeah here we go.
These tips can also be use for those form 4 students yang nak prepare for SPM.
Ada 4S yang penting when you’re finishing high school.
They are;
  • Sijil akademik yang cemerlang - spm is waaaay better than stpm keep that in mind
  • Sijil kokurikulum – if you’re in form 4, masa form 5 nanti pulun semua jawatan tak kisah la orang cakap kau gila kuasa pun. Asal kau dapat markah kokurikulum tinggi.
  • Sijil berhenti sekolah – MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION TO YOUR TEACHER. So then bila dalam sijil berhenti sekolah tu your teacher will write in attitude column good or cemerlang or whatever it is teacher always rate good students.
  • Sara hidup – this is for when you’re after school. Those 3S boleh jamin your sara hidup to be better.
Extra notes;

# minum air madu + lemon – banyak manfaat yang boleh dapat aside from jaga kesihatan, lemon + madu boleh turunkan berat badan juga. HAHAHAHA

# kurangkan minum air gas – bak kata penceramah aku masa tu "otak jadi terencat" dan buah pinggang akan terjejas. Kalau bukan sekarang, masa you all tua nanti.

# banyakkan minum air masak atau lebih baik minum air zam-zam. do you know air zam-zam 120% oksigen, tidak berkeladak unlike air paip dan ada mineral.

# jangan makan jajan / junk food – this type of food yang banyak additive such as msg a.k.a ajinamoto that can lead to ADHD / hyperactive brain and hallucinogen yang akan merangsang halusinasi. Sebab tu selalu berangan dalam kelas HAHA

# jangan dedahkan kepala kepada sinaran ultraviolet / cahaya matahari – sinaran ultraviolet boleh mematikan sel-sel kulit. Kalau nak pakai baju lengan pendek, better put on some sun screen with high SPF value so then kulit korang tak terkena sinaran ultraviolet secara direct.

  1. Setiap manusia ada karamah insaniah – ada kemuliaan
  2. Manusia ada potensi, jadi ngan sekat potensi itu. Potensi perlulah dibimbing supaya dapat dikembangkan.
  3. Dan yang paling penting; manusia tak dilahirkan bodoh
The last but not least, ingat Allah yang maha Esa. Dia juga yang berikan kita rezeki. Tanpa izin daripada-Nya kita mungkin tidak akan dapat berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat. 

Pada aku, tak payah la korang study sampai pukul 2-3 pagi baru nak tidur. Tabiat ini hanya akan membahayakan diri korang dengan badan yang tak cukup rehat, Daripada korang tak tidur, lebih baik spend your evening time dengan belajar then tidur awal supaya korang dapat tidur 5-6 hours a day. Dalam pukul 3/4 pagi tu bangun lah, time tu confirm masuk apa yang korang belajar.

(aku cakap je for you guys tapi aku tak pernah pun bangun 3/4 pagi lol. that's because aku selalu tidur pukul 12 so I really need my beauty sleep or else, habis lah semua orang bila aku tak cukup tidur.)

Aku mendoakan agar my fellow spm candidates will pass spm with flying colors. Spm sekali seumur hidup, so don't ever think of wasting that opportunity away. Please pray for me too :)

Until I post again,

p/s what's your thought of my new blog's face? hehe


8/09/2015 09:52:00 pm


waaaah it has been a realllllly long time since i last update update this blog. it was on my birthday if i remember correctly. *check last blog post date* 02 April wow it really was 7 months ago guyssss. i'm so sorry for being this inactive.

actually, i really don't have any reason for this inactive-ness. lol is that even a word. but whatever, really i don't have a reason. *guilty*

look, i know what i want to write, i've been setting the draft up in my head but whenever i open the page and saw the blank space *que taylor swift's song* my mind also becoming a blank space. do you ever feel the same as me? i think i've said this before but i just want to know if this is a common problem for a blogger. lol sorry if this is weird. okay.

last friday my school held sambuta hari raya. like every year lah kan. i think every school pun ada jugak. all i can is it's pretty eventful. before the real celebration, the whole school have to study first, yep, study should be every student's top priority right? (and yet i'm writing this entry instead lol)

so yeah lepas dah belajar agama and fizik, mula la preparation for the celebration. but! before that, sesi make-up and then bergambar with the family dulu. featuring a female classmate we called ummi (like what you call your mother) because she's like a mother to us. she take care of us and really sporting.

like this is the first year and the last one, kitorang tangkap gambar together satu kelas you know. memang serious best. like macam-macam posing, kerenah nak kena gelak, kena layan. lol. very sporting.

i'm not gonna attach any picture because i'm too lazy to transfer those picture into laptop. lol sorry i can't help it.

then susun kerusi, susun makanan, ambik makanan yang dah order; those kind of preparation. after that mula la the real celebration. makan, jalan-jalan ronda sekolah tanrigkap gambar with literally everyone. haha.

darn i'm so going to miss this. last year sambut raya di sekolah haha. the happiness of celebrating eidulfitri with classmates, schoolmates, tuition mates. hahahahahahaha okbye.

- - -

haaaa lately i've watching lots of anime. everytime it's school holiday or weekend, i'll download loads of anime series and watch them in a day or several days. i can't help it! this weekend is durarara!! turn. so i've downloaded the whole first and seconds seasons series. darn, the closer the spm date, the more lazy i get. what've gotten in me!?

i think i'm done for now. please pray for my trial (which is in 3 weeks!!!) i really need to do real revision. hahahaha okbye ,.


rad vans shoes for women

4/02/2015 03:31:00 pm

Vans is known around the world especially to teenagers as one of the stylish shoe brands available in the market. From the signature boxy designs to creative ones, men or even women could not stand at ease with the shoe collections. Even I love Vans so much. I just think Vans shoes is something that everyone must have because the design are all simple and awesome!

Women who are looking for a change of style will definitely love the stunning Vans sneakers collection to match with their outfits.

However, it cannot be denied that some ladies are clueless on how to style their pair of sneakers especially when we are used to high heels, wedges and cute flats. Fortunately, the concept of sneakers is exactly the same when you are matching your flats. You can create various trendy looks and still appear girly in your own way.

There are three Vans shoes look ideas where women can pull off below:

     1. The street style

This is one of the most common looks women choose to flaunt their sneakers. However, the best way to make your edgy street style work is by wearing coloured Vans shoes. It will definitely enhance the feel of your attire without putting much thought and effort on it.
2. The Feminine Chic
The women who are getting tire of matching their dresses
with high heels and wedges should opt for sneakers instead.
With Vans shoes, women will absolutely appear feminine
in front of others and feel comfortable walking all day.

     3. The Casual Ensemble

During the weekends, dressing casually around town is what we want and wearing comfortable pair of shoes is a must. Vans sneakers are the perfect choice for women to match with their jeans, leggings, tees, skirts or even shorts as it will never look out of style.

Interested ladies who cannot wait to pull together
these three Vans look can have a look at ZALORA as they offer
Vans shoes online for women from stunning up-to-date designs.

liebster award

2/05/2015 08:06:00 pm

saya di-tag oleh dena. haa ni tak tahu nak panggil akak ke adik ke apa sebab tak tahu umur haha thank you so much for tagging me. alhamdulillah masa saya baca cbox tu, ada masa yang terluang. so saya gunakan masa tu untuk jawab soalan-soalan dena. skema tak ayat?

alright let's proceed ;

1.  Matlamat hidup awak apa? share sikit 

hahahahaha ni mai gelak berjemaah sebab matlamat hidup aku pun entah kemana. okay, since ada ceramah kerjaya dari msu tetiba hati ini mengatakan aku ingin menjadi computer forensic sebab aku memang suka gila bab-bab komputer ni. lagipun, masa lower form aku tetapkan diri aku untuk menjadi forensic yang medic tu, ala yang pergi tempat kejadian, study mayat etc. tu. tapi tak lepas sebab tak ada bio haha so yeah, tak jadi ambil medics, computer pun boleh lol.  since now i've been trying hard to achieve my ambition. insyaallah, if i keep up my work and change my attitude, i'll achive my goals. doakan saya :)

2. Awak anak ke berapa dan peranan awak macam mana dalam family tu

saya anak ke-dua. biasa la orang anak kedua ni katanya keras kepala, degil tahap petala kelapan, tak ada hati dan perasaan. kata orang la. tapi maybe ada relatednya haha. peranan saya ialah study study study study study. don't stop study. nampak tak, sebab tu tak reti memasak XD sebab ayah saya letak harapan saya untuk masuk university since my sister masuk ipts. tak apa la, maybe i'll fulfill my dad's dream. haha

3. Pernah bercinta? *kakakakkka soalan tah pape*

truthfully, ni memang soalan tak pape. hahaha sorry, mohon jangan kecik hati haha. since i was born until now, alhamdulillah tak pernah bercinta selain dengan yang maha Esa :)

4.  Kalau awak jumpa anak kucing tengah nangis, awak buat apa dengan dia? 

hahaha ni tak tahu anak kucing menangis tu macam mana. tapi my mom said if the kitten won't stop meow-ing, that's mean it's crying. so, i probably will look out if the kitten is cute and coos over it, then go away. i never really fancy kittens other than my own. haha kejam tak? tapi kalau kucing tu dalam kesusahan eg: dia kat dalam longkang and tak dapat nak keluar, i probably will help it.

5. Minat game macam mana, contohnya hoki ke dan sebab minat 

jujur sejujur jujurnya, i don't really like sport, game etc. sebab game memerlukan energy yang banyak and i never really good at using my energy. game dalam handphone pun malas nak main, ni kan pulak in reality. hm, lagi lah. tapi macam untuk markah koko tu, nak tak nak kena juga lah kan. tu pun lepas kena paksa hahaha ingat ye anak-anak, bak kata Oreki Hountarou in Hyouka;

i'm not lazy, i'm just conserving energy.
dan aku berpegang teguh dengan kata-kata dia hahahaha

6. Pandangan awak terhadap blog saya *uhuuu nangeh*

first time tengok, first thought that crossed my mind was "too much pink" i'm a girl that never fancy pink. so bila nampak satu blog yang memang betul-betul pink tu hahahaha but the good thing is your blog is so neat. even i prefer sidebar title background other colour than orange. maybe pastel? tapi it's up to you la. who am i to judge other people's blog when my own pun buruk gila haha the pink make everything look soft and menyedapkan pandangan mata saya haha

7. Nasihat/kutukan membina untuk saya?

again, tak tahu umur berapa so tak tahu nak bagi nasihat cemana. just, if you ever have to go through obstacles, i hope that you'll patiently accept it. and please, let the bygone be bygone. in fact, that's my favorite quote. just focus on your future and let the bitterness in your life become a lesson for you.

8. Best tak kena tag dengan saya? 

hahaha best jugak la.  i have lots of fun answering your question and i also hope you'll have same equal of fun reading my answers haha

9. Ada minat gila-gila dekat mana mana artis? siapa? fuh haha

hahaha dah tak ada nak minat gila-gila sangat. tapi since now and then i got my eyes on angelina jolie. have you ever look at her cheekbones? goals *heart eyes emoji* and johnny depp, yes. jawline killer kot!

syarat-syarat liebster award ;

  • mention the person who nominated with link
  • answer the question
  • nominate other blogger
  • create the questions
  • notify your nominate

soalan-soalan ;

  1. do you have any phobia? if yes, what is it?
  2. can you do any accents other than your own?
  3. whats your favourite flower and why?
  4. would you choose the person you love or the person who loves you?
  5. whats the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?
  6. how did you get your name?
  7. do you need to write down things to remember them?
haaa ni semua tak ada idea nak bagi soalan apa, so please bear with me haha

i tag ;

sorry if my answers make you feel kecik hati or terasa. honestly, tak ada niat pun tak memperkecilkan sesiapa.

yang baik itu datang dari Allah, yang buruk itu datang dari diri saya sendiri. assalamualaikum :)

2015 so far

2/01/2015 01:13:00 am
adverb after a long time, typically when there has been difficulty or delay.

finally i can get my hands on and start typing an entry. finally, after the last one - last month. a month with no update. this caused by two things.

1. no wifi
2. no time

seriously, baru tiga minggu sekolah. tiga minggu. tiga. minggu. 15 hari. untuk aku, 14 la sebab aku ada ponteng sehari. baru sekolah dah ponteng. ponteng atas sebab tertentu alright. okay, so tiga minggu. i've been really busy se-busy-busy-nya. baru tiga minggu, tapi kerja sekolah dah berlambak-lambak. nak kena hantar pada hari yang sama pula tu.

serious tahun ni kena kejar masa sekejar-kejarnya.

hari sabtu ahad sekarang dah tak macam dulu. dulu boleh relax, chilling around in the house, tengok tv, surfing internet. but this year, buka mata terus buka buku. bukan aku la, tapi ada la orang lain. maybe. tapi still, dalam tiga minggu ni aku tidur pukul 10pm memanjang. penat kut. even dah tidur petang pun, malam after finish the homework, terus pejam mata. percaya tak aku siapkan homework? *angkat kening double jerk*

tahun lepas, tak. degil gila. pukul 3am pun tak reti-reti nak tidur. naik senior tahun ni, padan muka aku. tak cukup-cukup tidur.

kenapa tak ada siapa warning aku jadi senior ni memenatkan?

aku ingatkan best. yela. senior. senpai. dengar pun dah macam wah, bestnya! setahun lagi nak habis sekolah. tapi tengok la dalam setahun tu parah jugak lah nak menghabiskan hari-hari sekolah tu. stress memanjang. rasa nak baling kerusi meja je.

budak kelas aku pulak tak siuman. kerja nyanyi memanjang. bukan semua la, ada la setengah dari lelaki-lelaki dalam kelas aku tu. even cikgu tengah bercakap pun diorang boleh menyanyi. dah la duduk belakang aku. aku la yang jadi pendengar setia suara katak diorang tu. duduk kelas sains, perangai tak pape. cikgu pun ramai cakap macam bukan budak sains. lol. ada dua tiga kali jugak la aku snap at them. yela, orang nak buat kerja, dia menyanyi je. don't make me rip your throats out using my teeth.

nasib baik belum start tuisyen lagi. kalau dah daftar tuisyen nanti, lagi la langsung tak ada masa. siang malam jadul penuh. kalau bekerja orang panggil workaholic. kalau belajar ?

so a little note to kouhai, junior, belajar guna masa dengan bijak. jangan jadi macam aku. bila dah senior baru nak get use to time.