Recap and Lessons of 2017


Hi guys! Happy new year!! Although it’s already 6th Jan, it’s still relatively “new” year, right? hehe I’m at home right now, so I don’t have any wifi. I’m relaying on my mom’s hotspot je ni. Anyway, selamat tahun baru, may Allah bless this year. Let’s spend it wisely and always be happy!

I don’t think I’m going to make this year resolution, as I’m not exactly satisfied with my progress of last year’s resolution *facepalm. Last year I strive to:

1. Be a better servant of Allah - Alhamdulillah, I’m still trying my best to be a better servant. Maybe I’ll do a Ramadhan challenge this year? Hehe who knows if I’ll ever succeed (or even meet Ramadhan this year) I just can only pray for the best to myself and others. 

2. Save money – This. Is. The. Trickiest. Last year I save about RM0.00. For the love of God, it’s so hard for me to save money ;-; I cannot resist all these food, discounts and offers, skincare, things… maybe it’s because I don’t exactly set a goal of what to buy and the exact amount. Let’s try again this year (with a goal) and I hope I’ll succeed. insyaAllah 

3. Get dean list for sem 2 and sem 3 – Alhamdulillah, I’m proud of my result in the last two semesters. I’m in sem 4 right now, and it’s already midterm so yeah, let’s do best this sem and sem5 too.

4. Update blog regularly and first giveaway (?) – Ha ha ha. Overall, I updated this blog ONLY 10 TIMES THIS YEAR. What is happening to me ;-; and also no first giveaway ha ha. InsyaAllah this year kalau ada rezeki I’ll do it. (itu pun kalau my followers sampai 500) but no promise, because I’m suck at keeping promise. Sorry.

5. Lead a healthy lifestyle – As I said before, I’m training myself to drink flavoured water only once per day and sometimes once every 2 days. But sadly, 0 times I went jogging. Yeah, sorry again. Let’s jog this year, okay? My body is going to cry in happiness every time I decide to jog, but cry in sadness when I find a reason to cancel it. yeah, that’s pretty much the story of my life. 

Things I’ve learned in 2017: 

Things we see doesn’t always the truth. For instance, we see someone as how good their appearance is, how kind they are, how rich they are. But they also have their own downfall. Like how lazy they are, how they don’t really care of their environment, how they are quick to judge and how they can talk bad about someone else without batting an eyelash. And vice versa, of course. We just see what they want us to see, but those who live with them know the truth. And I think that’s a pretty good lesson to not judge someone by their appearance only. We gotta listen to those who know them the best rather than making our own assumption. 

Never choose a someone who will keep you away from your God and your family. Yes, cinta itu buta and sometimes terlalu buta sampai sanggup tinggalkan mak ayah just for a guy/girl you barely know. And that’s what pissed me off so much. Willing to spend lots of money and time on them, as long as they say they “love” you. Although your parents don’t always say it, I’m pretty sure they love you more than anything. So, please don’t abandon your parents for someone who are not that worth it. Not everyone is bad, but most of them are bad. 

Never over excited about things especially friendship. Why I said especially friendship? It’s because to me, friendship is just a phase. Everyone will eventually leave you for better or for I’ve train myself to not get very excited over friendship, such as “omg we’re BEST FRIEND FOREVER” then proceed to buy friendship bracelet, rings or necklaces – because girls are like that. One or two month later, the contacts between us gradually decreasing until we didn’t talk to each other anymore. Idk if it’s just me or it’s always like that. If it’s just me… wait. that’s pretty messed up… 

• Kill them with kindness. Insult them with sarcasm. Shut them up with your bullshit. Live life as there is no tomorrow. Do whatever that won’t harm yourself. If your smoke: stop it! You're only killing yourself and others. Embrace! Your! Insecurities! A simple gratitude can make someone’s day. Take care of yourself. The world is cruel, but don’t let you be one too.

The last but not least, bye 2017, hello 2018. please be a great year for me and everyone else, except for racist and those Islamophobic people. Respect others, and you will get respected too. Adios amigos.

Until I write again,