waaaah it has been a realllllly long time since i last update update this blog. it was on my birthday if i remember correctly. *check last blog post date* 02 April wow it really was 7 months ago guyssss. i'm so sorry for being this inactive.

actually, i really don't have any reason for this inactive-ness. lol is that even a word. but whatever, really i don't have a reason. *guilty*

look, i know what i want to write, i've been setting the draft up in my head but whenever i open the page and saw the blank space *que taylor swift's song* my mind also becoming a blank space. do you ever feel the same as me? i think i've said this before but i just want to know if this is a common problem for a blogger. lol sorry if this is weird. okay.

last friday my school held sambuta hari raya. like every year lah kan. i think every school pun ada jugak. all i can is it's pretty eventful. before the real celebration, the whole school have to study first, yep, study should be every student's top priority right? (and yet i'm writing this entry instead lol)

so yeah lepas dah belajar agama and fizik, mula la preparation for the celebration. but! before that, sesi make-up and then bergambar with the family dulu. featuring a female classmate we called ummi (like what you call your mother) because she's like a mother to us. she take care of us and really sporting.

like this is the first year and the last one, kitorang tangkap gambar together satu kelas you know. memang serious best. like macam-macam posing, kerenah nak kena gelak, kena layan. lol. very sporting.

i'm not gonna attach any picture because i'm too lazy to transfer those picture into laptop. lol sorry i can't help it.

then susun kerusi, susun makanan, ambik makanan yang dah order; those kind of preparation. after that mula la the real celebration. makan, jalan-jalan ronda sekolah tanrigkap gambar with literally everyone. haha.

darn i'm so going to miss this. last year sambut raya di sekolah haha. the happiness of celebrating eidulfitri with classmates, schoolmates, tuition mates. hahahahahahaha okbye.

- - -

haaaa lately i've watching lots of anime. everytime it's school holiday or weekend, i'll download loads of anime series and watch them in a day or several days. i can't help it! this weekend is durarara!! turn. so i've downloaded the whole first and seconds seasons series. darn, the closer the spm date, the more lazy i get. what've gotten in me!?

i think i'm done for now. please pray for my trial (which is in 3 weeks!!!) i really need to do real revision. hahahaha okbye ,.