Book review: More than This by Patrick Ness

9 April 2017


Hi guys! Now I’m back with a book review. I think this is my first book review as before this I ever review products, anime and movies.

I’ve said before that I am going to review More than This by Patrick Ness as soon as I finish reading it. So yesterday I’ve finished reading the book and right now I don’t know what to do with my life – haha kidding.

Name: More than This
Author: Patrick Ness
Pages: 480 pages
Publisher: Walker Books Ltd (first published September 1st 2013)

A boy drowns, desperate and alone in his final moments. He dies.

Then he wakes, naked and bruised and thirsty, but alive.

How can this be? And what is this strange deserted place?

As he struggles to understand what is happening, the boy dares to hope. Might this not be the end? Might there be more to this life, or perhaps this afterlife?


Why I bought this book:

Honestly, I bought this book on a whim. I was scrolling through debookroom website and saw this book was on sale. The price was RM19.90 (exclude postage) and I was like, the cover look interesting, the summary is very vague but makes me want to know more, so I put it in my cart and paid for it.

The waiting for this book to arrive was very painful for me. As I bought this book near Chinese New Year (one of my biggest mistake in buying things online) so I got to wait for almost 3 weeks for this book to arrive. Haha macam beli barang dari luar negara pula ETA 3-4 weeks XD

So yeah, the main reasons are the book is cheap and the cover is interesting. (I did say I like black covered books)

What I think about this book:

I have a conflict feeling about this book. There are 4 parts of this book. I’ll going through the parts so it’s easier for you to read and for me to write (lol)

Part 1: confusing as hell. Man, I don’t even want to know. The story drags on and on without any real point. I was confused and I got to stop reading for a few times to clear my mind before continue to read it. part 1 makes me reluctant to finish this book but I keep going on.

Part 2: is confusing as well but I can manage it. there are many secrets and questions that I need to know. This is the part when I feel like want to skip it and just proceed to the ending. But I don’t.

Part 3: everything starts to unwind and I’m so glad I didn’t skip part to. Everything that I wanted to know in part 2 is answered in this part. This is the part where I’m so glad I read this book. The book is truly mind-blowing (for me, of course) and the author is a genius.

Part 4: it has 69 pages as it’s nearing the ending. In this part I feel like, alamak dah nak habis ke because I want to read more and more and more – you see what I did there because this book is all about MORE

“A book… it’s a world all on its own too. A world made of words, where you live for a while.”

A/N: skip what I like and dislike if you don’t want any spoilers. The less you know is better.

What I like about this book:

  • This book is such a genius idea – one of the reasons why I love to read male authors’ books.
  • The story truly grip me and makes me don’t want to put it down even to sleep. Even when I was on my bed I keep thinking about what will happen next in the book. It’s captivating.
  • It reminds me of Sword Art Online but MORE
  • It gives me Goosebumps and makes my heart racing for every page I read – it’s really good
  • My favourite character is going to be Tomasz because he’s cute and badass all in one
What I disliked about this book:
  • THE ENDING OMG – why it had to end there?! Why you keeping me guessing again, Patrick Ness?!
  • I thought it’s going to be like If I stay – when it said “he wakes” – but nooo it had to be post-apocalypse ☹ 
  • I found it hard to care about the main character, Seth Wearing because he thinks everything revolves around him. Well, you thought wrong!

Overall, I’d rate it 4/5. The book is fascinating and amazing, changing my perception towards dystopian books (but I still won’t read any more dystopian books). It’s confusing as hell, but intriguing – I don’t even know what to say man. It’s just so good and a genius work. Even after I read it, it left me wondering.

I totally recommend this to young adult, teenagers, older readers, those who want to be confuse but want to accept the challenge. It has been an incredible experience to me, so I want you to feel it too!

I guess this is the end of my book review – but it’s more like I’m rambling about the book instead. Gotta work out on the review skills, then.

I hope you will bought or read this book, so that we can share our confusion and excitement.
If you have any book recommendation, please comment down below.

Last but not least,

“Know yourself and go swinging.”

Current read: Optimists Die First by Susin Nielsen

Until I write again πŸ‘‹

This or That book Tag

4 April 2017


Hello guys! Hello April, goodbye March. It has been a good month to me – except for when I had my finals, that’s not good. It’s stressful and make me want to rip my head in half. But, I finally home from uni since I didn’t come back for 2 whole months and more. Man, I miss home so much.

But now that I’m home, I’m currently bored out of my mind.

There’s no internet here, so I got to buy my mobile data to excess to the internet. Yea, that’s why I didn’t post anything before. But now that I bought some data with a little money that I have, once again hello there! πŸ™‹

Since I don’t have any idea what to talk about but I want to mention here that I’m officially 19 years old on 2nd April! Yeay πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ I have conflict feeling about this since it’s going to be my last teen (sobs) but I’m also proud of myself for reaching the almost adulthood. No matter how much I was moaning about how my bad my life was, but hey, there’s a rainbow after every rain. So I just have to be patient and keep moving on πŸ˜ƒ

I was scrolling through Bloglovin and saw This or That book tag posted by Novelersblog on wordpress, therefore I thought why not I post this on my blog too? One of the reason is also as I mention above – I don’t have any idea what to post about. I have a list of what I supposed to post about, but there’s suddenly too much and not enough. Sigh.

Without further ado, let’s proceed to the real tag;

1. Reading on the Couch or the Bed?
I prefer reading on the couch so I can eat/drink while reading a book. I found it hard to read on the bed because the temptation to sleep is to strong. *sis kenot

2. Female or Male Character?
Personally, male character as I love reading from male point of view, less drama and feelings. Also because I want to know the point of view of a male, since I’m a female and it’s impossible task to know what male think, feels in real life.

3. Sweet or Salty snacks while reading?
I literally eat anything – cookies, candy, sour patches – but I’d prefer sweet snacks.

4. Trilogies or Quartests?
Omg how about NONE? I don’t really like series for various reasons such as a) I’ll buy first 1-2 books then suddenly become poor, so I can’t buy the rest of the series and b) the next book didn’t live the expectation I have on the first book
But if I had to choose, I’ll choose trilogies.

5. First person or Third person p.o.v?
Some party likes to read first person pov, but not for me. Before this I wrote some stories – that I posted on my tumblr but now not anymore – I found it hard to transition from a character to another. First person pov is good if the whole book is about the main character’s life – unless the author is really really good at transitioning between the characters.
For me, I much prefer third person pov. It’s easy to read and I prefer to watch someone’s life rather than experience it - yes I'm boring, deal with it.

6. Reading in the Night or Morning?
Morning please. Before this I love to read in the night but since I start having nearsighted and have to wear glasses (it have been 2 years since I wear glasses!), I prefer to read in natural light to protect my eyes. Unless the book is very good that I can’t put it down even for sleeping. *sleep is so precious omg

7. Libraries of Bookstores?
Can you believe there’s NO LIBRARIES near my neighbourhood? 5 years ago, there was a library near my house but now not anymore. WHY there’s no libraries nowadays??? Free books to read! The environment of a library is just. So. Amazing.
Or is it just me?
If there is a library here, I’d prefer the library. But since there’s none, I have no choice but to choose bookstores – that got me drooling over the books that I can’t have *sobs in the corner

8. Books that make you Laugh or Cry?
The book is really really good when it’s stabbing you in the chest. So, crying for sure. Didn’t I tell you that I love to torture myself?

9. Black or White cover?
Black cover! Because I love black and white cover is so hard to take care of πŸ˜‘ I put my books everywhere, so it’s easy to pick up any stain – omg I’m the worse books owner ever 😱 

10. Character or Plot-Driven?
Sweet, badass character doesn’t ensure how good a book is. Plot-driven is so much more important part of the story becasue it's what make a story, wel... a story. A boring storyline with amazing character? Meh, let’s put it aside first.

So yeah, there are 10 questions about books which I enjoy answering. If you want to, you can do this tag too, and share it with me! I love to make myself down by reading other people’s amazing answers rather than my lame ones.

I’m currently reading More Than This by Patrick Ness and the book is so mindblowing that I got to put it down a few times because my brain needs to process lots of things. I’m at part 2 of the book, it’s getting intense and I have so much unanswered questions – that makes me wanna skip some parts and move on to the ending. I want to know the ending so bad!

Maybe I’ll write a book review regarding this book after I finish reading it. Have any of you ever Patrick Ness’ books? What do you think of it? And oh, I haven’t read or watch the movie of A Monsters Calls yet, so this is like my first Patrick Ness book.

Last but not least, I hope you’re all going to have amazing days full of happiness in April. If you have any books recommendation, don’t hesitate to comment down below.

I wish you a happy life, happy April and stay healthy!

Until I write again πŸ‘‹

Blog Giveaway by RII

27 March 2017


 Big thanks to Rii for hosting this amazing giveaway! The prizes include books which is truly awesome *O*

Giveaway ends: 1 April 2017

Until I write again,

Sunshine Blogger Award

12 March 2017


I was tagged by sis BV (thank you!) - who I enjoy reading her writings so much. Thanks again for tagging me, so I have something to write on my blog :)

The rules:
1. Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog
2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you
3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog


1. When do you start to know my blog?
Hm hmm... I don't exactly remember when but maybe 1-2 years ago (??)

2. What is your anime spirit and why?
I literally took a test from Brainfall and it says my spirit animal is snake.
"You often play the role of a guide and emotional healer. The spirit of the snake represents positive, spiritual transformation. You are the sought out friend when advice is needed. The snake facilitates life events to go smoothly – a connector of dots who reveals the big picture."
surprise... surprise...

3. Pick an item at your right side and that gonna be your weapon in zombie apocalypse, what is it and how you gonna use it?
I currently havae my pens at my right side (because I'm currently taking a break from studying), so maybe poke those zombies (?) Haha, Idk...

4. If you were in a home and there a zombie attack outside, where the safest place to hide and why?
Zombie apocalypse movies teach me that THERE'S NO PLACE TO HIDE OMG - but Train to Busan taught me that zombies are confuse when it's dark - idk if it's legit, so maybe I'll hide under my bed LOL

5. Give 3 reasons why do love blogging? Do you love blogging?
  • I get to know new people!
  • I love reading and writing :)
  • I get to learn new informations
Based on these 3 reasons, yes I love blogging πŸ’–

6. Backpack or sling bag?
Sling bag - because I don't know how to style backpack .-.

7. I love music. so do recommend me some of your favourite music genre and songs.
I literally listen to various genres of music from rock (yang singers duk jerit instead of singing) to instrumental. My currently favorite songs are;
  • Ed Sheeran's Shape of You
  • Steve Aoki's Just hold on (ft. Louis Tomlinson)
  • ONE OK ROCK's Jaded (ft. Alex Gaskarth)
  • Bring Me the Horizon's The house of wolves - yes, lagu lama but sososos guuuud

8. Pizza or burger?
Burger! Pizza is also yummy tapi muak bila makan banyak 😩

9. What do you think about girls/boys who is wearing a spectacles?
Kawaii! I'm wearing spectacles myself, so of course kena puji diri sendiri :p 

10. Plain shirt or checkered shirt?
Plain (sometimes graphic shirt) - easy to style with any tudung hahaha

11. some words for your silent readers?
BIG BIG BIG thank you for reading this sh*tty blog! I know I don't write constantly but, still thank you for reading :D

A/n: This is a scheduled post, so I'm sorry for not tagging.

Skinny Jeans Best for Looking Great

9 March 2017


Hi guys! Today I want to talk about fashion – which is kinda rare since I’m no fashionista. But today talk is about something that everyone wear! what type of jeans that will ALWAYS be wearable no matter where you go and still looking effortlessly beautiful? You got it right ladies, the answer is… skinny jeans! These versatile jeans style have been the first choice of many fashionista all around the globe and been taking over since forever. Of course, there are other styles of jeans such as boyfriend jeans or mom jeans but in the end, skinny jeans are always the most flattering.

No matter what your body type, skinny jeans hug every part of your body in every possible way. Skinny jeans help to share your body and able to create that streamlines hourglass image that every woman adore! The geniuses who invented skinny jeans must have known that accentuating the legs can create an illusion of flattering lower body assets. Believe it or not, all women want to feel beautiful in every way, right? Wearing skinny jeans may be one of the things that make every girl feels good and glamorous.

Aside from making you look gorgeous, skinny jeans are also very easy to style up or down. As I said before, you can easily wear skinny jeans to any occasion such as party or just simple going out with friends. The right colour of skinny jeans can help you go from casual to formal with just a pair of skinny jeans. In my opinion, I’ll simple choose black skinny jeans and fitter blazer to look a little formal and other colour such as blue and pair then with flats to look casual. Be it sophisticated or looking chic - everyone has their own opinion, and I think it’s important as long as you’re happy with your choice and walk with confidence!

Some people are worried as skinny jeans tends to reveal their bottom but no need to worry because you can pair skinny jeans with long blouse and still looking elegant. Even when you just wear skinny jeans and basic t-shirt you’ll still be lit. Another amazing thing when donning skinny jeans, you can also wear stunning shoes, so they are on show in all their glory.  Even a simple sneaker when pair with skinny jeans can be very stunning. With this advantage, we don’t have to think long on what shoes to pair up with skinny jeans because we can be as fabulous as ever!

I’ve states my style of wearing skinny jeans above, so what’s your favorite way to wear skinny jeans?
Let’s share with me and maybe we can trade tips and style!

Until I write again πŸ‘‹

February recap & What to look for in March?

7 March 2017


This time I am going to write for a short entry. The reason of I'm writing this is for making up all the lost entries that I should have post in February πŸ˜…

Here are some things I did / learn in February on my way to complete 2017 resolutions;
  • I went to 2 Islamic talks that had been held at my uni to feed my spiritual need;
    The first one was from Dr. Zakir Naik and the second one was a Forum Perdana that was held while it's being live at TV1 and a recorded forum is going to be aired during Ramadan (?) if I'm not mistaken. Both talks are super amazing, educational and I immensely enjoy it!
  • In regard of saving money, sadly I didn't manage to save any as desperate times call for desperate measures - I've got to use my saving money no matter how much I didn't want to. Well, it's partly my fault for spending my pocket money on food. Lots of food. Sigh.
  • Big news is I managed to finish reading a book. Yep just a book and it's pretty extravagant for a slow reader like me. I just have to cramp a reading here and there between my studying and ta-da I got to finish it. Super happy! The book that I read was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (part 1 and part 2) that I purchased back in January.
    It was my first time reading an original stage play - type of book, and I'm disappoint to say that I did not enjoy it. Harry Potter is one of my all time favorite book series but this time it didn't manage to be in my favorite book list ;(
taken with potato ._.

I did say I want to keep this post short, so let's move on to what I am looking for in March!
  • I just start my final exam yesterday 😰 I'm taking 6 subjects this sem, so 4 more papers to go! Please wish me luck guys - I'm going to very need it u.u I'm hope I'll do well on those 4 papers are they required me to read all those notes and hm, I'm a slow reader... so yeah let's see how it goes, shouldn't we?
  • I'm going to be home in less than 2 weeks! Yeay it has been a long time since I was home. Approximately 2 months since I'm home and yep, I miss my family so much I can't wait to meet them next week~
  • My sem break is going to be 2 months and half - which I really am grateful since I get to catch up with anime, movies and books that have been piling up in my laptop and shelf. I'm just going to hope that I won't slack off from updating this blog regularly when I'm on sem break - psh just face it, I'm going to abandon this blog at some points πŸ˜‘
Well, those are the only things that I can think off on how to spend my sem break and what to look for in March. Maybe I'll update this entry when I get an idea on how to spend my break productively.

What are you looking for in March? Share your plans in my comment box below :D

Until I write again πŸ‘‹

Ultimate life rant: Kenapa kurus?

26 February 2017


Hari ni rasa macam nak membebel sikit la. Bukan sekali dua aku asyik terfikir nak buat entry ni, tapi banyak kali juga la. Tapi setelah fikir lebih banyak kebaikan untuk aku dan semua, lebih baik aku buat jugak la.

Author's note: Semua yang aku tulis di sini adalah dari pengalaman aku dan bukan bertujuan untuk menunjuk tapi untuk menjelaskan soalan yang selalu orang tanya sampai rasa berbuih dah mulut ni nak jawab. *ceh macam retis ke idok

Please take note than I am an almost 19 years old girl with 16.9 BMI.

"Kenapa kurus?"
"Macam mana boleh kurus?"
"Tak makan ke?"

Soalan-soalan di atas ni acap kali juga ditujukan kepada aku. Mana-mana pun aku pergi mesti akan ada yang tanya salah satu dari soalan ni. Dan ada jugak yang paling rare tanya aku ada "bela sesuatu" ke. Jawapan kepada soalan tu semestinya tidak sama sekali! Nauzubillah...

First of all, I want to say that I was told by one of my aunts that I inherit my mother's body build when she was my age. I've done some research that

"Some aspects of shape and size, it turns out, are more closely tied to genes than others."Source:

This is one of the reasons kenapa aku kurus. Sekarang dah boleh tanya your mother okay, macam mana your mother's punya badan when she was your age. Tapi aku tak rasa this is applied to all of you, maybe kalau you banyak sisters it only inherit to one of your sister je. But for me, my sister and I dua-dua kurus but she's slightly taller than me with 160cm height. That's why comparing to me, she looks skinnier.

Secondly, ada juga yang tanya aku makan atau tak. Erm, macam orang selalu cakap "makan untuk hidup, hidup untuk makan!" Of course la aku makan, just not as much as other people. Sometimes I will take a scoop of rice and then ayam goreng or a type of food je. Memang makan sikit, tapi bila makan masakan mak, wajib makan banyak hehehe 

Ada pula yang cakap mak aku tak bagi makan, like excuse me, you yang tak bagi I makan. My mom always feed her children, so tak payah nak salahkan my mom bagi makan or not. Sakit hati juga bila kena tanya macam ni tapi apa nak buat... senyum dan jawab je la yang mampu.

Lagi satu bab makan ni, ada masa aku akan makan macam untuk berdua dan ada masa aku makan macam budak punya saiz hidangan. Aku amat sensitif bila bab makan ni because
  • Kalau aku banyak kali sendawa that's mean aku dah start lapar and kena makan cepat-cepat before masuk angin. Haha kalau dah sakit perut tu memang kena muntah baru lega.
  • Kalau time tengah makan and I feel very full even makan sikit je, I really need to stop or I will risk myself to get sick again. Kadang-kadang makan tak sampai suku pun dah kena stop otherwise memang muntah la jawabnya.
Underweight people is also famous for our speedy metabolism. Tak sempat nak buat lemak dah hilang ._. Constantly lapar tu ye juga but I'm the type yang tak makan makanan berat on certain times such as waktu tengah malam and yeah I don't do breakfast. After I discover bila aku makan pagi, aku akan sakit perut jadi aku kurangkan bersarapan - this is very unhealthy so please don't do this if you value your life *cakap tak serupa bikin sorry

Aku rasa sampai sini je la sis nak bebel. Selalu kalau orang duk cakap depan aku "eee kurusnya kau" rasa macam nak balas je "suka hati aku la nak gemuk ke kurus ke. Siapa kau nak judge?"

Aku tahu ramai yang akan fikir jadi kurus ni banyak untung sebab boleh pakai baju apa je. EXCUSE ME, even when we wear the normal size clothes we still feel like the clothes hanging on us. Some people do find small size clothes uncomfortable!


Kau punya "untung la kurus" tu bukan boleh bawa pergi mana pun. We do have thousands of disadvantages  such as weak immune system, can't lift heavy stuff, people quick to think we're sick or having eating disorder while in fact we can't help being skinny when most of the time it came from our gene.

Orang melayu punya typical thinking when people say "beautiful" is
  • kulit putih melepak who are more likely to get skin cancer because believe it or not, Malaysia is freaking hot and skin cancer is 10th most common cancer in Malaysia - source: thestar
  • obsession to be kurus dalam masa seminggu!!!

Important reminder to every woman out there:

As long as you're comfortable in your skin, in your body, you're as beautiful as you are!

"Indeed, We have created the human being upon the best of forms. Then we reduced him to the lowest of the low, except those who believe and do good, for they shall have an unending reward. So who henceforth will give the lie to you about the judgment? Is not Allah the Best of Judges? [SΕ«rah al-TΔ«n: 4-8]"

Rant: January recap and Sherlock

30 January 2017


It has been a month since my last update and I truly regret that. This is all my fault for not taking care of my blog and I'm sorry. I'm not busy with my life right now, I just am lack of ideas on what to talk about because I'll just write nonsense that will not give you any benefit of reading this blog. I always hear people saying to visit other people's blog and take inspiration based on their writing and I have this thought on why I should write the same thing as someone else's? And that lead to not having any update in a month.

Oh whale. πŸ‹

These are some of the things that I got to experience/learn in January and also a journey to complete my 2017 resolutions. 

1. My housemates and I celebrated 2 of our housemates' birthday this month - one of them being my roommate, so happy (belated) birthday to all January babies!

2. I've mentioned before than I want to save money and alhamdulillah I think I'm slowly but surely getting there. I've set up an expenses tracker in my journal - which I'm not going to share because January is the trial month and it has been messy! I'm going to do better in February and set a cleaner layout.

3. I'm still working out in blog updating - hopefully my life going  to be exciting from now on, so I can share to you what happened or please ideas come back to me!

4. In the healthy lifestyle part I think I'm doing great right now. I'm restricting myself to drink flavored drinks once a day - be it at lunch or dinner.
And last week I joined my uni's diploma activity called Night Lite Run. The run part is obviously not for me because I spend the whole time jogging and walking, so yeah gotta work out on the stamina first maybe. If you followed my instagram, you can see that I posted 3 photos of that night which none of them with a medal in it :(

5. Last year my cousin went to comic fiesta and I asked her to buy 2 Haikyuu!! keychains because I can't go there myself and last Thursday they arrived at my uni! You can't imagine how happy I was to finally get my hands on these cuties!
Art is by @pottetto on instagram
6. Last week too I ordered a copy of book titled More than This by Patrick Ness. Mainly because it's on sale and I can't keep my hands to myself, sorry mom I know I bought 3 books last month that are still in my TBR list but I. Just. Can't. Maybe I'll write a review about it after I read it. That going to take months because I always get reading slumps and that s----
Unfortunately, due to Chinese New Year debookroom is going to continue their shipping service after 6 February, so I have to wait for 2 weeks until I get can it in my hands. Please be patience lee, you can do this!

7. On the title I've said it first folks! Let's talk about Sherlock - one of the famous TV Series that started back in 2010 and I know lots of you had watched it before. I started and finished watching this series this month and all I can say is - mindblown. I thought season 4 going to be 4 episodes and I was wrong it have 3 episodes and I want more of it!
I want to know more about Holmes siblings and why are the siblings are all high functioning sociopath while their parents look absolutely normal people. It is weird if I say I'm so glad when Moriarty died because he deserve it so much after playing with both Sherlock's and MY minds.

- - - - -

Alright, that's going to be the end of my entry today. This is my first numbered monthly entry. Maybe I'll do this every the end of the month to see what I've achieve in journey to complete my resolutions. Oh, who am I kidding - I did this because I have so much topics to talk about and I don't want it to look messy and hard to read when I jump off topic in each paragraph.

Tell me what have you done or achieved in January in my comment box below :)

Until I write again. 

Recap and 2017 resolutions

5 January 2017


Is it too late to wish all of you a Happy new Year? I hope not, because hi hello Happy new year! May Allah ease everything and I hope your skin get clearer, your life reciprocated and have a great year ahead! 🎊

2016 gave me lots of experiences in life. It was my first time I stay away from my family. I totally did not expect that I am going to be away, because all through my life I just want to stay near them. I totally despise those 6 hours of train ride that bring me away from my family. But what can I say, when the needs to learn new things is greater than being at home.

On 28th December 2016, my grandmother on my mother's side passed away at 7.30 am. At that day I had 2 mid sem tests, so I can't go back to hometown as soon as I can. My mother also didn't manage to see my late-grandmother for the last time because she was from Sabah and time is not on her side, so she approximately arrive at my hometown after Zohor. I hope you can contribute an Al Fatihah to my late-grandmother. May Allah bless.

Last year also gave me a new meaning of friendship. It was my first time staying with people I did not know who they are, where they are from, what personalities they have, but I'm blessed to have a friend that stays with me - in term of housemates - since semester 1 until semester 2. I hope she wants to stay with me until we're in semester 5. Staying in a house with 8 others housemates make me realize how important patience and tolerant are.

Last two years, I did not make any new year resolutions because when I think back, what's the point of writing it if I don't try to achieve it? But this year I'm going to set my mind and soul to achieve 2017 resolutions.

In 2017 I want to;

#1 Be a better servant of Allah
As we know, the increasing of year means we are lots closer to the end of the world. I want to leave how jahil I was in the past and be a better human and be closer to our Creator. This is my new year resolution every year but I still going to write this although it’s such a common thing that everyone wants – to give me encouragement to myself and you.

#2 Save money
Inalillah to all my money I waste on nothing in 2016 πŸ˜” This year I want to save more money than I did last year. Malaysia is having economy problem and I'm borrowing money from ptptn, so got to have a back up on how to pay for the hutang right? And yes, to buy some rewards for myself - for whatever reason.

#3 Get dean list for sem 2 and sem 3
Right now I'm in a middle of semester 2 and going to finish it in less than 3 months. I will having my final exam on March, then 3 months of semester break and I'm going to be in diploma 2nd year aka semester 3. So for these both semester of course, every student want to be in dean list and I want it too. I really want to get my CGPA 3.5 and above. I don't know if I'm going to get it, it all belongs to yang Maha Esa, but I'm going to work hard and we'll see 😌

#4 Update blog regularly and first giveaway (?)
The ulimate reason of why I don't update blog regularly is because every time I open the new post tab, all my ideas just seem to puff - up up and away ~ I can't bear to let myself write any more half-asses entry so from that I also holding myself back from writing any entry, which is very pathetic. What kind of blogger having writer block every time she opens new blank space? *smh. 
Also, I've been planning to make a first giveaway (maybe when I reach 500 followers). I am not sure about this yet, but I will try to make this happens this year. Maybe I'll make an entry of who wants to be sponsor or I'll try to do it  by myself. I just hope that some people will support me and interest in joining it - I'm such a flop queen I'm not sure anymore 😰

#5 Lead a healthy lifestyle
I'm not really sure about this resolution but I still want to try it. I'll try to ask my friends to join me jogging, as I told you before I'm not the most independent person, so I need someone to push me until I can do it by myself.
Ever since I come back from uni last Saturday, my friends here and my aunties keep saying I've become skinnier than I was before. I'm going to try increase my weight although I don't have any idea how I'm going to do that because I'm not the one can eat lots of food at the same time. I'll puke all the food out and it's not going to be nice at all.

That's all my resolutions for this year. I'm not going to write any more of it because yang these 5 pun I'm sure I can complete them haha. Again, I hope you're going to have a fantastic year and may Allah bless all our lives. InsyaAllah.

Until I write againπŸ‘‹