Road to Intern


Alhamdulillah I have finish my exhibition on 22nd of October haritu. Then I went back home on 23rd October. I kid you not, it was super tiring I ended up sleeping the whole journey away.

I would like to share with you the day of our exhibition. We was the first batch of diploma to do this exhibition. Biasanya degree je yang kena buat exhibition for their final year project. But this time, our dean wanted us to do the same. The exact name of the exhibition was 'Diploma Exhibition of Technology and Engineering' as known as DEXTEr 2018.

For my course we just have do some testing and that was it. It is quite easier than other courses yang kena buat prototype, model whatsoever. As my course related to metal, we just need to do some testing on metal and observing the microstructures and that's it. Also, we have to do our project individually. The only thing yang kena goreng masa present pun about the microstructure lah... and result.

I had told my project title before, but in case you're wondering my title was 

The Effect of Solution Concentration in Copper Electroplating on Stainless Steel

Alhamdulillah, I get to explain my project calmly. Although before that I was a nervous mess. But I kind of failed when explaining my result as I did not get what I was supposed to get. It's an experiment guys, it tend to get a little error in some places.

Then in the afternoon until evening, we have IR 4.0 talk and closing ceremony of the DEXTEr 2018. This is the moment where most of us already 'tewas'. We were so sleepy, some already fell asleep in the hall during the talk. Me and a friend of mine managed to stay awake although mata pun dah kuyu semacam je 😂

All in all, I am glad it is over now and everything is in the past. All the sweats, almost crying moments during completing our projects are gone. Now is the road to our internship.

I do not know if I can reveal where I am going to do my internship, but all I can say is it is one of the government institutes. I think you can guess dah kut because in the last post I already told you the location hehe.

I hope everything is going well. I have rent a room and we are going to finalize everything by next week, insyaAllah.

- - - - -

My mom wants me to continue my studies in degree, but I have not decided yet what course I should take. Shall I continue studying metal or is it the time for me to change to materials? I have not decide it yet, but I probably going to study material engineering next.

Let's hold this decision for future me... 😚

How is everyone doing? It's convocation time, isn't it? Do you have anyone in your family, friends or are you going to or had convocation? If so,

Congratulations to all graduates 💐🎉

Next year is going to be my turn pulak, insyaAllah.

Until I write again,

Yeay dah habis diploma! EH (?)


How have you been? Everything is good? Great!

I just finish my final exam on Wednesday and it felt so good. I do not have to be worrying about all those chapters I have not covered yet. This is probably what I have been waiting for since I start my diploma 2 years ago haha

Remember these last 2 posts where I had been whining about not getting a place for my internship? Eh you probably would not remember it. I mean that's a veeeeery long ago. Alhamdulillah, I have gotten my internship offer. Not one, but 2 offers. Alhamdulillah. I have accepted one of them, but now I have to be worrying about a place to stay pulak. By the way, my internship place is at Kajang. so hi orang Kajang 👋 What should I expected when living in Kajang?

Sebenarnya, tak habis lagi pun diploma ni. Tajuk tu saja nak buat gempak je hehe. I still have exhibition for my final year project this 22nd October. Please wish my good luck 🙏 I hope all my hard work regarding this final year project will be worth it. Also, I still have to do my internship for about 4 months. So yeah, good luck to me yeay.

Who's the same as me? Good luck to you too 💖 *sending virtual good luck*

I would like to overview some of my experience in my 5th semester of diploma;

First time donate blood 💉

Yeay! The nurse (or doctor? idk i'm dumb) took 350ml of my blood which I think is a standard volume for each pack, I guess. But it looks lots for a first timer like me 😅 It was an experience I treasure. I did feel a bit nausea and almost faint, but that is probably my fault. As I was the last person to donate the blood, they were cleaning up the place and I felt like I was a nuisance. So, I decided to get out as fast as possible. But it sure is a mistake for me. I am truly going to remember that.

First time got stung by a wasp 🐝

Have you ever heard of how dangerous and evil a wasp is? Yep, I can confirm that. I was minding my own business at a bistro, then I went to pay for my food. After that, I went back to my seat to take my bag and guess what? The wasp out of nowhere come and stung my thigh. I did not realise there was a wasp, I only realise it when I felt the pain. And oh god, the pain is truly unbearable.

I felt like my whole leg is on fire. It truly a pain I did not want to repeat again. The first moment I got into my room, I literally googled on what to do after being stung by a wasp. Then I go take a shower and clean the area. After that I out some medicine oil given by my friend. My friend then went to buy some ice and the whole night I put the ice around the area.

The next morning, the place still hurt a little but bearable lah. By afternoon, rasa sakit or even bengkak pun dah tak ada. So yeah, it's a tips guys. Put ice to avoid swollen and reduce pain my evil wasps.

My second time went to a camp 🌳

The last time I went to a camp was when I was form 2 - fourteen year old. Yeah, almost 6 years ago. I hate going to a camp and this camp is no better. I hate all the rushing but the organizer pun tak ikut masa 😕 all those yelling and getting mad at nothing and everything... uggghh

These three je kut yang I get to think right now. Let me share other thing in my next post (maybe after exhibition?) Bye guys!

Until I write again,

How is your life right now? Any exciting things happen or got any recommendation for me?

p/s: I know the emoji was a bee, but there's no wasp emoji. Why would there be one? Wasp is an evil lol