Collective Online Haul

8/13/2017 11:59:00 pm
It has been a while guys *waves* And not only one or two, but three months!! What have I done to my precious blog omg.

But look at my new blog theme /yeay/ back to basic – black and white. For the navigation part, I haven’t think of what to put there yet, so I’m going to leave it as it is. Everything else is brand new and… I need to make new blog list.

I want to thank unimap's library for providing a fast wifi connection. Without you, I won't ever change my blog theme. Like ever. And not only a day, but two days (and with a "for studying purposes" excuse to my roommates) I spent in library to look for a suitable theme to fit my picky self and to change it a lil bit. What a productive two days for me as I need to "travel" for 35 minutes by bus from my campus to the branch library which is in Kangar.

Today I want to share some collective haul that I made from Instagram shops and Hermo. These are the hauls I made since I started semester 3. So, it may not be all that much, but yeah I just want to share what I have waste my money on. Yep. Let's get started.

So firstly, I embrace my inner nerd and bought these babies. I bought this from an Instagram shop and the shop sell lots of cute stuff that got me rambang mata as I choose which one I want to buy. I bought these before eid and I got it after eid. I think the shopper got my order mash up with some people or there's no stock for the stick note that I wanted because I’m pretty sure I did not order some sumo sticky notes.

But since it was eid, and I know all online shoppers are chasing for pos laju due date, so I totally understand the struggle. Besides the sumo guys are cute, so wrong order redeemed *shrugs* I love cat theme things therefore I bought the notebook, and look at the starry washi tape. Ughh magical.

Secondly, I bought 2 new great things. I just can't resist my otaku self. I bought this bag at RM10 which is cheap considering it’s an official merchandise! I love it so much, I've brought it to class a couple of time. *fangirling over Levi heichou* And the earphone is so cute! Just look at the case. I really can’t resist seeing cat theme things. The quality is not the best, but I love it all the same. It's very cute! Look at that bone-shaped microphone! Precious~

And lastly, I brought several products from Hermo.
  • Fast 10’s gel eye liner auto pencil in Diamond black
  • Silkygirl Lash Prism mascara in 01 Blackest black
  • Maybelline Super BB Cushion Fresh Matte in 03 Natural
  • Nature Republic soothing and moisture 92% Aloe Vera gel
I've used the pencil eyeliner for several times and I like it. before I bought it, I was like what's the difference of diamond black and the usual black? Because the usual black is sold out, so it got the diamond one and thought it was the same. Ha the joke is on me. I should've read the details more carefully next time because the diamond black has glitter in it. but so far, I'm loving it. it dry fast, waterproof, smudge proof and glitter! Even when you rub it, the glitter stays on. Who doesn't love glitter on their eyes, right?

For the mascara, lots of people have tried it and for me, I kind of like it. it gives very natural look and it does lengthening my eyelashes a lil bit. Even my friends notice that I'm wearing it as I don't have long eyelashes.

As for the cushion, I haven’t try it yet and I'm very excited about it as I've read and watch some reviews and it got good reviews from beauty bloggers and youtubers.

If you’ve read about Aloe Vera mist before, I've mentioned that I’m very picky between the mist and the gel. But to my surprise, the gel works wonder! It doesn’t leave any sticky feeling that I was afraid for, and it’s really soothing my skin. And it’s also cheaper than the mist too! What a bargain.

This is the end of my rambling. And some of it end up like a review haha. I also bought lots of washi tapes offline, but I’m not going to post it here since this post is for online things I bought, so maybe separate post? Or not. I'm a lazy human bean...

There are not many things I bought, but I think it's quite plenty considering how my roommates eyes go wide every time I brought pos laju parcel from IMO office. I've been holding myself back from buying everything I saw online, so it's a little achievement for me. *nervous laugh* there goes my new year resolution.

I hope you enjoy this post and if you want to know where I bought these cute stuff, go ahead and ask and I’ll link it to you. I hope I’m this productive every week.

Until I write again.

p/s; I was lipat kain tadi and suddenly my brain goes “let’s post something today” so yeah.
p/s ii; please pardon the quality of the photos. they were taken using potato