3/30/2014 03:22:00 am


Hello. Bonjour. Konnichiwa.

How are you? I’m fine here, Alhamdulillah.

It is spring break right now, and I’m so glad that I can sleep as long as I want and eat as much as I want without thinking about school. Cuti-cuti belajar aka CUBE aka homework sangat banyak sampai I don’t know which one I should do first. So, I take the short-cut iaitu tak payah buat sampai malam ahad. Typical me as a procrastinator.

So this holiday you all ada pergi mana-mana or just stay at home mengadap tv and surfing internet like me /not try to mention menternak lemak lol/? I guess we both same unless your family have plan nak pergi somewhere. To whoever yang pergi anywhere for holiday, I want to say safe journey and have fun :)

Last four weeks – if I’m not mistaken – I was having exam week. I guess my school is the first school yang mengadakan first term exam. Haa nampak tak yang cikgu nak tanda kertas cepat, so we can have fun during holiday. HAHA. My result is so… Alhamdulillah. Not excellent and not bad neither. Just good… I guess?  I don’t know how to describe beside I collect all the grades. This is first exam, so mestilah ada yang gagal. Culture shock kejap tiba-tiba ada fizik, kimia, add math *laugh*

Lately, I always spend my day and night with reading manga. Honestly, I don’t have any better thing to do. Do you have any idea what to do in this holiday? I can’t think of any. Tapi bila hari sekolah, semua benda nak buat. Most of it is, sleep all day all night.

This post was made 24th march 2014 and I’m too lazy to write it back.