Happy December

12/01/2013 06:44:00 pm

It’s 1 December 2013. It is bloody First December of 2013.

How can time flies so fast? Since when time flies? Stop flying and walk like a man, dude. I’m not ready to fly with you because I’m not a freaking Peterpan!

Remember that time when I was so afraid to ride a bloody motorcycle???

And now I can even drive a bloody car???

Yeah, and it was happened in bloody same year.

Okay, should be really stops using the world ‘bloody’ now. Go blame Ron Weasley for good.

Happy December to everyone! I hope you’ll have good holidays. Yep, I’m really hoping that. What are you up to for hols? Something(s) great I supposed. Me? I’m nothing less. Going to be more bored when my sister goes back to college tonight and she will bring the bloody notebook along.

Guess I’ll be spending my time walking in and out of kitchen because there’s no bloody food in fridge. Lol no because I don’t have any better thing to do, do I? Okay, selain daripada menternak lemak.

30 November 2013 – Happy birthday to the best mum in the world! Happy birthday to mum, Zainuriah binti Ahmad. I freaking love her to the moon sun heaven and back.

She is the best mum ever because she is my mum and I’m cool. Just kidding. No, I’m talking the truth.

So we celebrate it with bursting into her room while she was sleeping and singing birthday song on top of our lungs because we are bloody cool family. Then we took her to the best restaurant we ever eat at. Plus my dad bought her new swatch. Awe ;w;

Wish my mum a belated birthday or we are not friends.

No, I’m just kidding. Haha.

1 December 2013 – Soooo today is the day my lovely babe Aqilah /I call her Kill bc I can/ will be departed to Myanmar. She moved there because of his father’s work and no, she’s not a citizen in fact she is Sarawakian. Lepas ni dah tak ada kek lapis Sarawak time habis cuti sekolah lepas raya ;____;

Whoa going to miss her so badly I can burst into tears right now. Berbatu jauhnya dan nak jumpa bukan buka tingkap boleh nampak muka. Kecuali kalau buka tingkap Skype. Memang boleh nampak muka. After this chat guna Twitter, Facebook dan Skype je la. Sebab nak call memang tak la. Buat habis duit jek.

omaigod i love her so much i hope she have a good flight!

Christmas is coming so with PMR result! [AGGRESSIVELY HAVING PANIC ATTACK] so basically me and my beautiful friend, Batrisyia had a serious deep conversation about this PMR result thingy. And based on the convers, I want to admit that my heart thumping so loudly I bet my neighbours could hear it.

Not even try to mention that we have serious deep conversation about money crisis because we are both broke right now

It is freaking 23 days more and “tick tock on the clock” I know it’s not going to be a loooooonngggg waiting because time flies. Time bloody flying and I can’t keep but because I’m a freaking turtle! Even snake can move faster than me.

Please don’t get me start fidgeting about PMR because I can rant about these 4 pages long.

/take a deep breath/

I just realize I have to attend a reunion – Al’s class when we were standard 6 – and I even forgot I signed up for it and paid. Bloody paid using my own money. And now I’m broke and sad. But Harry Styles’ stupidness always brings the happiness back. And stupidness is not even a word but I don’t care. He stills a bloody idiot that I love all the time.

I was just hitting on you about serious conversation with Batrisyia because I don’t even do ‘serious’.

But the conversation about money is seriously serious and deep. Give me some money so I can go back to my own self that don’t do ‘serious’.