New semester begins

10/18/2020 11:29:00 pm

Tomorrow marks the first day on my new semester. I am entering my third year of degree. I was supposed to be at my university by today as I will have my first class tomorrow. But as you all know, it did not happen as we all thought it would. My uni decided to move the date to the end of this month. Those who have lab, or doesn't have conducive learning environment are required to go back. Except, of course those who are in red zones and who are in CMCO areas.

I have 1 subject that requires our attendance for lab time. By the end of this month, I'll have to be at my uni already. (but that can change any time now) Thankfully, they will send uni buses in every state as they don't let us to use public transport. That's great in case something happens, it will be easier to trace.

As for my preparation, it has been a while since I last study. Since end of June. Almost 4 months now.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep my focus during class. Tulisan pun dah buruk. The thing that has been bothering us for a week now is our class schedule. Most of those in my class have 2 subjects overlap with each other for an hour. An hour is a long time kot. We have two choices: either drop one subject or learn by watching recorded video. Well, we will see what happen this week.

My classes will be running from morning to night. At 11pm the most. Of course, with loads of gaps in between. This is the first time we will have classes at night for 7 consecutive days. The night classes will be just us watching recorded videos. Since this is the first time my uni do this kind of learning, I hope I won't be too lazy to not watch it. My wish for this semester is to learn things effectively. I have 7 subjects (23 unit) this semester. 6 of them are core subjects.

Please take care of yourselves! Wear mask and stay at home unless you really need to go out. Praying for this pandemic to quickly be gone. 

Good luck to those who are starting (or already started) new semester!

Until I write again,