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it's almost 2015. in several hours it's going to be 2015.

i want to wish you all happy new year, i hope you've enjoy 2014 because i do. i really do. i wish you achieved your 2014 resolution. i didn't do any resolution list this year. so i can't really tell if i achieved something or not.

but i think i did get what i can't have in 2013.

i really enjoy this year. i get to know a lot of people through both social media and in real life. i get to know my cray classmates - people i never think i can get along. i also get loads of story books from my dad, thank you so much.

there're so much things happen in just a year. and it surprise me to know a year can bring so much happiness, sadness, meanings to me. it's a great thing to know that i use this year wisely.

i think.

so, 2015.

*nervous laughter* 

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