salam ramadhan


i'm sorry if i'm late but i don't think i am.

alhamdulillah tahun ini dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dan nyawa yang panjang dari Allah untuk kita berpuasa dan kumpul pahala pada bulan yang penuh pengampunan ini. semoga kita dapat menggunakan peluang yang ada untuk perkara yang dapat memberi syafaat kepada kita di akhirat kelak. insya'Allah.

salam ramadhan al-mubarak to my family, friends, every muslim around the world. may Allah ease everything and may your patience will be reward with heaven. insya'Allah.

plus this is a good chance on catching up with fifa. because you can sahur while watching your fave team's match. hehe.


last friday we have this parents teacher's day. and it got me nervous because i don't know what the teachers will say to my mom. plus my mom arrive at 11.15 am, which is pretty late.

when it our turn, and i've been sweating for no reason, but it turn out that the teachers said i'm very quiet in class. the first thing i think when my account teacher say that is,

"haha you've been lied!"

i'm sorry, but i can't help it. i don't deny what they said is true, either. that's because i'm very quiet when teachers are teaching but got very loud when teachers wasn't around. so i guess i have two personalities? yeah. hehe.


yesterday my family and i went to watch transformers: age of extinction. to whoever who hasn't watch it yet, you should! the movie IS very amazing and you wouldn't regret it! i swear it'll never get you bored. oh my god, you don't know how much my fingers want to type all the spoilers, but that'll be bad of me.

so i don't have anything else to be writing here, i guess this is a goodbye? until we meet again, lovelies :)



so lately asyik tukar design blog je because semua yang aku guna / edit aku rasa macam tak lawa. or cepat bosan. ni pun aku tak tahu sampai bila aku boleh tahan before i get bored ._. but i think this is my favorite theme at the moment because i actually struggle to make the pop up box work. so congrats to me for doing such a good job.

result is already out. alhamdulillah my result is getting better. at first rasa berdebar je bila cikgu masuk kelas bawa kertas exam. but the anxiousness disappear when i know my result is not bad like the last time. thank you to everyone who is there for me, teaching me patiently, answered all my questions. your patience is the key to my success.

this week sepatutnya tak ada cuti pun, sekolah sampai ahad. but heck, memang tak lah aku nak pergi sekolah hari ahad. dah la ada sukan je - which i don't take any part at all. this year tak ada geng. if fatin was here, we'll get into perbarisan. dia pun dah takde, so aku lone ranger dalam rumah hang tuah tu. it's okay, tuah. i'll be cheering from the house *smirk*

i want to write something. i already have the idea. but i'm such a failure when it comes to intro. so i guess not :(

so before i was asleep, aku ada idea nak update apa. tapi bila dah tidur, everything in my mind went to fly over somewhere else. so until we meet again.

this is not a goodbye.




Hello earthlings! How are you and your holiday? I’m good and my holiday is boring. Thanks for asking.

+ First of all nak say congrats to Brazil because won 3-1 against Croatia. Neymar scored 2 goals. That’s my bby. And I’m disappointed with Spain because 1-5 woi gila apa. Kemain kau kalah. Ni nak sokong Netherlands. Dah la captain dia handsome. Kbye.

Haa who say girls don’t watch football? Here I am staying up this late alone, watching football. My brother masa first day je stay up. Konon nak tengok hari ni. Pui. Ugh after this dah tak boleh tengok unless the next day is Saturday or Sunday. School really is the death of me.

+ Secondly, tomorrow is the last day of holiday. Let’s cry thousand oceans ;_; Mat saleh baru start cuti summer, kita dah kena sekolah balik. Dah la till now tak tahu ada homework or not since my classmates sangat tak ambil port about this kind of thing. We’re rad, I know. But please, I don’t want to hear any teacher nag at us on the first day of school.

+ I read some of my old entries and fanfics and honestly, I don’t know whether I should die in embarrassment or die in laughter because both are accurate. All I had in my mind while reading through them was,

“What the hell was I thinking when I wrote this thing back then?”

They’re so shameful and I hope no one ever find that blog ever again.

+ I got Kimi Ni Todoke s1 & s2 2 days ago and haven’t finished it yet. I guess I have to use my school days to watch it. Yeah. I have something I can use to escape from the cruelty that is homework. Eyy Kazehaya is so cute!!

Tbh, I don’t really know what to write about apart from the update of the secret life of a procrastinator. Sometimes I have a lot of thing to write and that’s when I don’t have to pen and paper with me. It’s kinda pissing me off, but that’s how life goes. And when I do have them, my mind will go blank and I don’t know anymore. This often happen in exam, of course.

Talking about exam, there’s a celebrity that I adore. He is a completely great idol for a lazy person like me.  He is a singer and song-writer and also, 17 years old and just graduated from high school this month. Congrats to him! Why I said he’s such a good idol?

It’s because at age so young, he already released loads of songs and albums and in fact, he’s doing tour across the Europe and America right now. Now, imagine a 17 years old going that far, finish school and achieved highest point! How amazing that is, right?

I ever read a tweet, may I quote

“If *a 17 y/o musician name can studying while being in band, why can’t you? *insert the band member pictures when he’s studying*” 

I don’t want to mention names because I want to let your imagination gone wild and not to think they can do that because they’re smart or what, but because they had done a very hard work to finish school and get good grades.

You know, the tweet really stab me straight in the heart and also make me sad because I didn’t do my best in mid-term and now I’m sweating because I don’t know what my result yet. But I hope I can do better in the future.

Since the school decided to close my class, I don’t know which class I’ll be staying after this. I just hope that I can cope with the subjects because if I happen to be in account class, I have to start all over again. Same as my other classmates.

I hope this is not a bullshit talk like I often do.

I wish you all the best, since I probably won’t update this blog in a long time because school. Yes, blame everything on school. Now I don’t have social life. JK. Of course I have social life. I am a socialize girl. JK. No I dislike people. They’re annoying, prejudice and busybody. Hint: I wrote the sentence before this based of some people I know, so please… no hard feeling.

Farewell for now. To students, please survive. Don’t want you to go online as corpse.

Bye! Assalamualaikum :)