6/22/2014 09:14:00 am


so lately asyik tukar design blog je because semua yang aku guna / edit aku rasa macam tak lawa. or cepat bosan. ni pun aku tak tahu sampai bila aku boleh tahan before i get bored ._. but i think this is my favorite theme at the moment because i actually struggle to make the pop up box work. so congrats to me for doing such a good job.

result is already out. alhamdulillah my result is getting better. at first rasa berdebar je bila cikgu masuk kelas bawa kertas exam. but the anxiousness disappear when i know my result is not bad like the last time. thank you to everyone who is there for me, teaching me patiently, answered all my questions. your patience is the key to my success.

this week sepatutnya tak ada cuti pun, sekolah sampai ahad. but heck, memang tak lah aku nak pergi sekolah hari ahad. dah la ada sukan je - which i don't take any part at all. this year tak ada geng. if fatin was here, we'll get into perbarisan. dia pun dah takde, so aku lone ranger dalam rumah hang tuah tu. it's okay, tuah. i'll be cheering from the house *smirk*

i want to write something. i already have the idea. but i'm such a failure when it comes to intro. so i guess not :(

so before i was asleep, aku ada idea nak update apa. tapi bila dah tidur, everything in my mind went to fly over somewhere else. so until we meet again.

this is not a goodbye.

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