salam ramadhan

6/29/2014 09:23:00 pm


i'm sorry if i'm late but i don't think i am.

alhamdulillah tahun ini dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dan nyawa yang panjang dari Allah untuk kita berpuasa dan kumpul pahala pada bulan yang penuh pengampunan ini. semoga kita dapat menggunakan peluang yang ada untuk perkara yang dapat memberi syafaat kepada kita di akhirat kelak. insya'Allah.

salam ramadhan al-mubarak to my family, friends, every muslim around the world. may Allah ease everything and may your patience will be reward with heaven. insya'Allah.

plus this is a good chance on catching up with fifa. because you can sahur while watching your fave team's match. hehe.


last friday we have this parents teacher's day. and it got me nervous because i don't know what the teachers will say to my mom. plus my mom arrive at 11.15 am, which is pretty late.

when it our turn, and i've been sweating for no reason, but it turn out that the teachers said i'm very quiet in class. the first thing i think when my account teacher say that is,

"haha you've been lied!"

i'm sorry, but i can't help it. i don't deny what they said is true, either. that's because i'm very quiet when teachers are teaching but got very loud when teachers wasn't around. so i guess i have two personalities? yeah. hehe.


yesterday my family and i went to watch transformers: age of extinction. to whoever who hasn't watch it yet, you should! the movie IS very amazing and you wouldn't regret it! i swear it'll never get you bored. oh my god, you don't know how much my fingers want to type all the spoilers, but that'll be bad of me.

so i don't have anything else to be writing here, i guess this is a goodbye? until we meet again, lovelies :)


  1. @shiro usagi : thank you :)

  2. @cik nadyya : thank you. selamat berpuasa too :)

  3. selamat berpuasa. woah, transformers! i watched the second last only, dark of the moon. how about edge of tomorrow? did you watch it? :D

  4. @kuchiki ennamoon : selamat ebrpuasa too kak enna! no, i dont. kak enna tgok ke?


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