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7/09/2014 09:55:00 pm


hi. actually tak tau nak update apa tapi nak juga post something bagi mengelakkan bog ni berhabuk / boring sebab post yang sama every time aku check blog ni. ugh.

sooo fifa world cup 2014 is going to end soon. real soon. kind of disappoint lah tak dapat tengok netherlands lawan argentina next early morning. not because tak bangun sahur, but lack of astro at my house. so, yeah. but no worries, my baby robben van persie, i'll always cheering for you. just make sure you kick messi's ass out. (i like messi tho, i just say that because, i have to support my baby. no hate)

last night i watch the vampire diaries and guess what, stefan is actually silas' doppelganger. i know i'm lame and you probably know about this a long time ago, but whatever, i'm happy. and a bit sad. i ever thought of silas being one of them, but i don't expect him to be stefan! i wish it was caroline or damon. whoever but not stefan. idk man. stefan is my man.

last sunday i had a the fault in our stars movie date with my beautiful people. the movie was so great and sad and cute! i wish i can watch it over and over again! and if you're wondering, i went to watch the movie when they show it 2 days only. idk how to explain it but malaysia only siarkan pada hari sabtu dan ahad lepas. and dekat panggung wayang yang tertentu je. idk what you call it tbh ._.

it's fun lah because i spend all day at sunway piramid with them. getting lost, having funny moments, and went back home when most of the shops were closed. lol.


lately i've been addicted to drawing. or sketching. or conteng. i don't know what to call my hideous looking drawing actually. i'll just looking at tutorial and keep trying until i get mad, scratch the paper and then start all over again. yep. that's me.

my mom told me that once upon a time when she was still in high school, she really loves drawing and painting. she said painting with water color is her specialties. she told me,
"dulu masa mak sekolah menengah lukisan mak selalu dapat 1." 
me, being as lame and blur ever respond with, "1 je." and it turn out that 1 is A+. so yeah. shame on me for being straightforward. and blur.

then she said when she's form 4, her teacher force her to take ekonomi rumah tangga. she said she was crying because her heart and soul were so into art. i felt sorry for her.

damn that teacher who force my mom for doing something she don't want to.

and now i ask her to teach me because apparently, her second daughter is suck at coloring.

i always sit in front of computer in living room. so when my dad come home from work and he see me drawing based on a reference on computer screen, he'll say,
"masa ayah sebaya angah, ayah pun selalu melukis dari buat kerja sekolah. asyik kena marah dengan arwah atuk je. kerja sekolah tak nak buat, melukis rajin."
lmao. same, dad. same. so then, you can't be mad at me because it's your perangai yang i'm following right now.


and yeah, if you want to look at my drawing, you can follow my instagram. but sometimes i'm too lazy to upload the photo, so they might take some times. and sometimes the drawings are real ugliness, so please don't judge an ameteur like me or i won't draw ever again. yeah.

auf wiedersehen.

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