The thing about being human is we never keep promises. Especially when it's about time. We never be at the promised place on time. Even in a meeting we still can be late. That's why we don't deserve asking for more time because we already waste too much.

Manusia tak pernah bersyukur.


Ceh, macam cakap dengan cermin sebab aku pun selalu buat macam tu. Janji pukul 10 tapi pukul 10 tu baru nak bersiap. Dan sampai kat tempat yang dijanjikan 10 minit kemudian. Tahu tak dalam masa 10 minit tu macam-macam boleh jadi dekat kawan yang tengah menunggu tu?

So don't waste your time over stupid little things. Ada kebaikan dan keburukan dalam lambat ni. Tapi rasanya lagi banyak keburukan. Contohnya, kena maki dengan orang yang menunggu. HAHA.
Peringatan ini dibawa khas oleh NLIZMA yang tak pernah tepati masa.

End of story about time.

School. Sekolah. Satu perkataan yang aku tak berapa nak suka. Because when we heard the word "school" our mind like automatically think about 'bangun awal' 'kerja sekolah' 'cikgu'.

I seriously hate school. I don't hate education. I just simply hate school. You know that's two different thing. I don't know how to explain, but it's different........ you know.

Today really pissed me off. Thing about school and a friend of mine. I hate thursday.

Assalamualaikum. Adios amigos.

16th birthday



Actually my birthday was yesterday but I don't have time to write here, so yeah. Happy belated birthday to me...?

I want to thank every single of your for birthday wishes, prayers and presents. Thank you for being you and thank you for knowing me.

I'm grateful to have such a wonderful life since I was born. Through up and down, happy and sad moments, I'm still able to look up and move on. Thank you for those people who're with me in the moments.

Thank you for my mom and dad, brother and sister for being the most amazing family I ever have! Thank you to my best friends for making me feel happy, sad, jealous, mad - for making me real. (Every friend of mine are the best. Just want to let you know.)

The most important is thank you to Almoghty Allah SWT for giving me chance to live with these people, to breathe the free air, giving me awesome life, fascinating family, great friends. Alhamdulillah.

I honestly speechless when my friends in 4science2 sang a happy birthday song to me out of blue.

When ikah, ila, linda and aliah surprise me with my favorite cake (red velvet) as present.

When my beautiful Batrisyia gave me my favorite thing in the world as present.

And when my awesome dad gave my favorite car as present.

Thank you so much, I will never can thank you enough *insert heart eyes emoji*

Assalamualaikum :)