15 July 2018

July dilemma

15 July 2018,7/15/2018 02:11:00 pm


First of all, I want to tell you that I'm one of the MUET candidates in this second session. The reason I didn't take MUET in the first session is because I was not ready yet. But now I am ready. Well, hopefully. But all in all, I have done my speaking test on 10th July - which is last week.

 I would like to share a little bit of my experience in taking speaking test last week. My test was at 11 a.m. but we departed from college at 6.30 a.m. Which means I have almost 6 hours to spare. Kalau balik Selangor dah sampai + boleh tidur 5 kali ni 😁 I'll put it in bullet point to shows you the flow 👇
  • 6.30 a.m. : departed from college - tapi bukan on time pun. Biasalah janji Melayu
  • 7.20 a.m. : arrived at facility. Then the 7.30 a.m. candidates were moved to quarantine room.
  • 7.30 a.m - 10 a.m. : lounging in the provided room. main game, makan, revise sikit
  • 10 a.m. : dah kena masuk quarantine room. during this time we were told who are going to be in our group. Each group consist of 4 people. I was blessed to be in the same group as my coursemates. Masuk air pulak tu kan haa memang syok lah nak communicate with each other.
  • 11 a.m : we were the first group untuk group petang. So we get to be the first to know what was the second question of the day.
During the test:
I was blessed again because I was candidate D. Which means I got a long time to prepare myself whilst my friends presenting their points. The first time I saw the question, it was not surprise me as we knew the question for afternoon session is going to be tough. Every sem memang soalan group pagi senang kemain, sampai kat group petang hmm. I don't know if it's my uni atau semua macam tu.

But regardless, I managed to tackle the question - or I hope I did... The interaction between four of us during Task B also not bad lah.

Alright, enough about MUET examination. Let's moving on...

This month we were given a talk about how to apply for internship. And to be honest, I'm still in dilemma of where to apply them. We were suggested to apply for the best 5 companies  for the first time. I have chosen one, but the others I haven't figure those out yet.

The struggle of before internship is doing the resume. Until now I haven't complete my resume yet. This is because I'm worrying about my lack of professional experience. If there's one thing that I regretted not doing during semester break is working. Either part time or full time. To those who are still in uni, please get a job experience if you still have time okay. I was told that companies value those who have working experience. For a non-experience like me, it's a struggle as I decide on what should be on my resume.

I just hope my resume is enough to catch HR's eyes despite my lack of working experience 😂 Let's all pray for me to land on an internship and next get a job (insyaAllah)

How are your July going? Is it good or vice versa?

Until I write again,