Recap and Lessons of 2020


Happy new year! May Allah bless us this year. May everything will be better this year too. Don't forget to take care of yourself. Value yourself more than you value others. Remember mental health is as important as physical health.

What a year 2020 has been. There are some things that I’m grateful to experience for the first time. Such as those things I have done in quarantine (click to read about it). Also, nothing is stopping me from browsing and buying things online especially when there’s a sale every month. Well, there’s something for sure: an empty bank account.

Let’s recap this year, shall we?

1/3 of 2020: January – April
  • February: First time went to a salon and get my hair professionally cut
  • March: Made first ceramic, first went to Cameron Highland with my friends, first online class, first lockdown
That’s a lot of firsts in March. Little did past me know that everything would happen so fast. It was a week after we went to Cameron that lockdown happened. Thankful we had time to go there before everything else happened. 

COVID-19 widely spread all over the world and we had our country on lockdown. Months spent in a house. Good and bad things happened but they all in the past now. Alhamdulillah, no one in my family gets sick from the virus. I hope you are well too. Don’t forget to wear your mask!

I turned 22 in April. A very normal day without any celebration because of a certain problem. I am grateful I am still alive. Alhamdulillah.

2/3: May – August
  • Jun: First time trying embroidery
  • July: Finished my first paint-by-number
  • August: Hosted my first giveaway
Everything was slowly back to normal. The number of people infected in Malaysia also decreased. There was even a day where the number of people infected is 0. Don’t you guys miss it too? But it was for a short while. Because of selfish people, we are forced to go through it again.

Spent most of my time reading and watching movies/series at this part of the year. Grateful to have a lot of movies/series to watch. Read here if you are interested in knowing what I have watched. This is the time I decided to start writing on my blog again. But well, that is also short-lived.

3/3: September – December
It has been 2 months since I last wrote anything in this blog. It is because I haven’t done anything except for studying. I don’t want to be repeating the same thing over and over again. All I’ve done just went to laboratories for my lab sessions then staying at my residential college and go to my online class. Occasionally my friends and I will go out to eat or buy things and that’s it. Most of the time spent complaining about the quizzes, tests, and assignments we have to complete within the time limit.

It’s pretty boring, right? See I can write what happened in just a paragraph. I don’t want to bore you with the same thing in every post. Maybe next year exciting things will happen to me and I can share them with you. Maybe. Hopefully.

COVID-19 situation? Even worse. Hit the highest number of people infected in the country somewhere in this part. Please wear your mask, take care of yourself! If you didn’t, who else will do it for you? Let’s take a moment to pray for this epidemic to be better or be gone. May Allah eases our life, insyaAllah.

Lesson learned:
  • Overwhelm by the number of works to do? Take a deep breath and start making a list. Sometimes a deep breath is all it takes to chill. If nothing works, go lie down and get yourself together. Do something you like. No one can help you if you didn't help yourself.

Overall 2020 has been an on/off kind of situation. Alas, let’s be thankful that we are still alive now. May 2021 brings us great things. May you get everything you wish for in 2020, InsyaAllah! I am going to get my first nephew next year, InsyaAllah. Please pray that everything will go smoothly for my sister.

How was your 2020? Anything major happened?

Until I write again,


  1. I agreed that 2020 has been an on/off kind of situations. As for me, 2020 teach me how to stand in my own feet. Alhamdulillah <3

  2. Tahun 2020 membawa 1001 kisah di dalam kehidupan manusia seperti kita. Bersabar demi kelangsungan hidup. Semoga 2021 membawa sinar cahaya lebih baik..

    1. setuju sangat. macam2 cabaran dihadapi pd tahun 2020. insyaAllah 2021 akan jadi lebih baik :)

  3. Thank you 2020, you'll not be missed. Hehe :3
    Have a blessed new year 2021 xx

    lenne |

  4. Virus covid 19 byk bawa perubahan dalam hidup semua. Alhamdulillah atas segala pengajaran.

    Moga tahun baru 2021 membawa pelangi yang indah buat semua

  5. never mind my comment but this post get my soft smile. i feel good for you. may things get better for all. inshaallah =)

  6. never mind my comment but this post get my soft smile. i feel good for you. may things get better for all. inshaallah =)

  7. << Jom tengok headband / Inner tudung :D Jom sokong Seller baru nak up ni... :D


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