Things I have watched during quarantine

9/01/2020 03:44:00 pm


The last time I have done this type of post was in 2018, so I think this is a great time to bring it up again. If you are interested in what I have watched in 2018, you can click here. I have been spending my quarantine watching anime/movie/tv shows either. I am sure most of you are doing the same as I am. Watching things are great especially when having deadline coming. Time2 tu lah waktu yang paling seronok nak tengok cerita. I am grateful sekarang tengah cuti semester, jadi boleh tengok lagi banyak cerita.

  • Kimetsu No Yaiba
  • Kiki's Delivery Service (movie)
Tak tahu nak letak Kiki's Delivery Service dalam anime atau movie section. But since it is an anime, I'll just put this here. Cannot believe I only watch 1 anime in span of almost 6 months. I need to step up my game. Currently, I am watching Bleach. Bleach has 300+ episodes and I am now in episode 161. I certainly need a lot of time to finish it.

  • Knives Out (usa)
  • Snowpiercer (usa)
  • Fabricated City (korea)
  • The dude in me (korea)
  • Forgotten (korea)
  • No mercy (korea)
  • Inhuman Kiss (thailand)
The list is not as impressive as before as I don't know what to movie ti watch next. I need something that can grasp my attention. If you have any recommendations, please drop-in the comment below. I want to watch a lot more japan movies. Maybe I will find some after I finish watching things I am watching now.

Tv Shows:
  • My Ambulance (thailand) - 16 episodes
  • Girl from Nowhere (thailand) - 13 episodes
  • Ouroboros (japan) - 10 episodes
  • The Originals (usa) - 5 seasons, 20+ episodes per season
  • The Umbrella Academy season 2 (usa) - 10 episodes
  • The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty (china) - 48 episodes
Maybe the reason my list of anime and movies is not as impressive is that I am spending most of my time watching tv shows instead? I took half a year to complete all 5 seasons of The Originals. The main reason is that I stopped subscribing to Netflix for a while. But then I continue subscribing (my sister is paying) and I finally get to finish watching it. Thank you, sister, for your contribution hehe. I am going to review one of these soon!

The last thing I watched was The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty - sebab ada Guan Hong (Hua Ze Lei dari Meteor Garden hehe) turns out the story \ine is way better than I expected. Mungkin sebab producer dia Jackie Chan, jadi jalan cerita pun menarik. Sanggup sis subscribe iQiyi sebab nak tengok cerita ni punya pasal. Tengok cerita China pun sebab nak improve my mandarin. Before this tengok Intense Love, tapi sebab cringe sis abaikan la even though main actor comel hm.. China banyak kot cerita romance tapi cringe. Secondhand embarrassment is a thing you know. Banyak yang kena tinggal suku jalan haha

Have you watched any of these?
What are your thoughts on them? Also, recommend more things to watch, please!

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  1. omg i'm also currently watching bleach!! hahaha. but i'm still on eps 47 since i finish black clover first at the end of august. still can't believe the coincidence 🤣 oh and kakushigoto (anime) is a really fun watch! i laugh in every eps, and the last eps made me cry (in a good way) do watch it if you'd like!!

    1. haha black clover is on hold first since i'm watching another anime right now. thank you for the recommendation! i'll be sure to check it out :)

  2. I am not much an anime fan but maybe I would that movie a try ! I had watched fabricated city and it is my one of favorite movie of all time !

  3. Kimetsu no yaiba has so many fans out there! but I didn't watch it yet.

    During quarantine I didn't really watch a lot of anime/movies/series due to WFH (work from home) but still managed to watch few, which include Charlotte, Noragami, Kamen Rider Zero One, Garo (the new series) and few movies

    1. never heard of Garo before. I'll search it up, thank you! try watch kny, i'm sure you will like it :)

  4. no i didnt watch any of the drama/moovies hehe

    maybe bccs im not in mood yet nak marathon move and yeah some taiwanese and chinese love story movie dia cringe nak tgok pun kena smpai tutup mata hahaa

    1. agreed! kadang sampai kena pause then tengok benda lain dulu. ada mood baru boleh sambung haha

  5. girl from nowhere hahaha i stop at episode 2 hahaha. i am scared to watch it and that girl, nano, i think she is an alien. omg hahaha

    1. you should continue watching it! it's one of the best thai series (in my opinion) :) *spoiler alert: some said nanno is satan's child haha

  6. I intend to watch The Umbrella Academy but I keep getting distracted with k-shows lol. I watched Snowpiercer but the series, not movie (I just knew there is a movie version ops).

    I would love to recommend c-drama called 'Unrequited Love' — that one is such a good funny yet tear-jerking ugh. I need to write review about this one but I keep postponing them tsk

    1. thank you for the recommendation! i'll check it out :D


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