A little update

4/25/2016 02:17:00 pm


Hi sorry for the lack of entries. Dalam entry yang lepas – which was 2 weeks ago – aku pernah tulis "I'm such a lazy bum when it comes to updating my blog" – or something like that, and this is the proof. The reason behind this is I don't know what to write about. Sometimes I got an idea, but whenever I open my dashboard, it's as if all my idea evaporated to god knows where.

Sometimes I want to update about my life, but then the realization of me leading such a boring life struck me harder than ever. I didn't go out like some other people, I'm just sitting here quietly in my home, always reading an e-book or manga on my phone, and whenever I feel a lil bit creative I'll probably draw something – of course it didn't come out often. That's basically my life nowadays. Where people around my age are currently busy with jobs, or go outing with their friends, I'm sitting here on this very house surfing internet, or playing with my kitten. Yes, that's how I spend my time lately.

I actually have 2 books that need reading. I bought one of them last year and I still haven't got a chance to read it. I'm that kind of person who will get influenced by what others said easily. So when I see a review about that novel that said it wasn't as satisfying as I imagine, I just stop thinking and put it aside. That's one of the bad habits that I wish I didn't possessed.

As you can see, I change my blog theme (again). Oh god, this is like 5 times I change my design just in this year – and it's just less than four months. If you're here to see me using the same theme in three months and above, I'm sorry to disappoint you but that won't happen. I don't know but there's always something I found unsatisfying. It's not like I don't like the last design, but I just found it kind of stuffy?

I'm so devastated to tell you I forgot to download my full template before uploading the new one ಥ_ಥ I'm so sad I've put so many effort in making it work but I made a mistake that made it disappear forever. I don't even manage to print-screen it ಢ_ಥ

Maybe there are too many colors for my liking. I'm the one who loves simplicity and minimalism, so maybe it's one of a factor I decide to change this blog's theme. Some people may prefer their blog colorful, but I like black and white theme. Somehow it makes me feel at ease.

I'm thinking of giving people these codes of my designs – whether they are blogskins or template designer. Maybe you can use them for your blog or may help you designing your blog. I don't know really, feel free to use them. I actually saved some of them for some reasons I didn't know. Maybe I can put them in the extra in my navigation. We will just have to wait and see then.

Last night I watched this Korean movie. I don't always watch Korean movies, because of some reasons and mentality, people always say Korean drama or movie always consist of tears. But this movie totally change my perception towards Korean movie. The title of the movie is "The Scam". It's totally catch my interest when it comes to thriller or anything involve computer, really. After missed the first 15 minutes of the movie, I stayed and watch the movie till the end and it's surprisingly good! Overall, I rate it 9.5/10 for the plot and idea.

I'm also thinking of doing challenge such as 10 days challenge. Maybe that's the only way to keep my blog alive. I'm still looking for challenges that I can afford doing and won't back out last minute. Hopefully, I will find the right one.

Until then,

Anime Review: Haikyuu!! Season 2

4/12/2016 01:16:00 pm


Hi you can say this review is the continuation from the first season's review :D you can read the first season review here [click]

Okay some of you may not know that the second season of this anime just finished airing on 27th March 2016 (I just realize it two days ago ;-;)  I've been waiting for it to finish but in the end, I completely forgot about it hehe.

Warning: this entry may contain spoilers. Please read at your own risk.

In the last season, we all know that Karasuno was up against Aoba Johsai. Unfortunately, Karasuno was defeated by the great king's team. It actually bring tears to me because we can how Hinata tried so hard to win that game. Ever since that, Karasuno is known as the team that gave Alba Johsai a hard time. Honestly, I'm so proud when people actually look up on them and stop calling them "Flightless Crows".

If you recall, I used the words "super intense" to describe the first season. But now I'm going to describe this season as "spirited".

Everyone was giving their all every time they were in a game. And it's such a beautiful view, I'm telling you. Honestly you can see their determination to achieve their goal (which is to play in Nationals and compete in Tokyo).

They had new manager and that manager is me every time I watch this anime. All she worried of was "someone's arms going to fly off." Haha it's pretty funny if you watch she said that XD

There was a school that called Shiratotizawa. This school is like the strongest in Inter High preliminaries. So, in order for Karasuno to compete in Tokyo, they have to win a game between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa. I'm just going to hope Karasuno win this game. It's going to continue in season 3 - much to my disappointment because it mean I have to wait for another year until they air the season T_T

Hinata need to beat the shit out of Ushijima Japan.

Major spoiler: Karasuno compete with Aoba Johsai again and they won!!!

I also want to hope Kasosuno compete with Nekoma in season 3. I just can't wait to see them compete in real competition instead of practices. (But I want Karasuno to win, so please Kenma).

Oh my god this post has become a rant instead of a review and I'm so sorry! I'm just so excited to tell you guys what this season about hehe.

As usual, I give 5 stars, 10/10 for this anime. Not only because it's my favorite but it also have all emotions you need in a story. It's funny, emotional, happy, exciting, frustration and many more! You can find so many feelings in just one season.

I highly recommend this anime! To those who haven't watch it yet, you need to start from season 1 and feel the same emotions I had been through. You're going to love this anime so much. I promise!

Okay so I think this is the end to my rant/review. I hope you're going to watch this. I'm typing this entry using my mom's phone. I don't know, but I feel really comfortable typing using phone than using computer hehe.

So, until we meet again (because I'm such a lazy bum when it come to post entries).

This entry was supposed to post on 7th April but I forgot to schedule it -_-


18th Birthday

4/02/2016 09:24:00 pm


Happy April and happy birthday to me! Yeah I'm finally 18 years old.

Haha I don't know but ever since I start secondary school, I can't wait to be 18 years old. Maybe because since that time I always went out with my friends to watch movies on cinema and always frustrated because we couldn't watch 18 rated films. Some of horror movies are made for 18 years old, so it's pretty hard for us to lie our ages. Haha.

Even after we turn 18, the cashier still asked for our IC 😢

So I want to share to you some of the wishes I got from my friends. Last night memang tidur lambat sebab duk balas WhatsApp, tweets dorang ni 😂 Adoi comel je semua wishes dorang ni haha

ni ex-classmates last year.
rindu semuaaa ;-; even though dah kenal 2-3 tahun tapi eja nama aku liyana juga
siap panggil opah lagi (ada cerita di sebalik panggilan tu) hahahaha

dia ni tak nak kalah sokmo hahaha
who's my lover? *hide*
Yang kat instagram pun ada jugak, tepek kat situ muka buruk aku zaman sekolah tak cukup umur lagi sobs sobs. By the way thank you semuaaa sayang dia orang ni lebih hahaha

Then I requested my mom to cook my favorite meals and she bought me red velvet cake - knowing it's my favorite!

Alhamdulillah syukur atas nikmat yang diberi oleh Allah, tuhan yang Maha Esa because giving me this chance to live in this world since I was born until now, blessing me with these friends and family that I have right now.

I'm praying for me to be a better person than I was, be more organized and be more thankful with what I have right now.

- - - - - - 

This is just a random thought but i'm thinking of opening online store via Instagram, but I don't know yet. I asked my mom and a friend and they said I should go for it. But hmm, maybe I'll think some more before making any decision 😊

Haih berapa banyak kali dah tukar layout asyik tak berkenan je. Lepas ni malas dah nak tukar. Kalau you all perasan, layout ni sama dengan yang before I use blogskins. Header pun ambil yang sama je. Cuma tukar perkataan je haha. (Eleh cakap je nanti tukar juga adoi)

Vector at the sidebar is made by me using photoshop