18th Birthday

4/02/2016 09:24:00 pm


Happy April and happy birthday to me! Yeah I'm finally 18 years old.

Haha I don't know but ever since I start secondary school, I can't wait to be 18 years old. Maybe because since that time I always went out with my friends to watch movies on cinema and always frustrated because we couldn't watch 18 rated films. Some of horror movies are made for 18 years old, so it's pretty hard for us to lie our ages. Haha.

Even after we turn 18, the cashier still asked for our IC 😢

So I want to share to you some of the wishes I got from my friends. Last night memang tidur lambat sebab duk balas WhatsApp, tweets dorang ni 😂 Adoi comel je semua wishes dorang ni haha

ni ex-classmates last year.
rindu semuaaa ;-; even though dah kenal 2-3 tahun tapi eja nama aku liyana juga
siap panggil opah lagi (ada cerita di sebalik panggilan tu) hahahaha

dia ni tak nak kalah sokmo hahaha
who's my lover? *hide*
Yang kat instagram pun ada jugak, tepek kat situ muka buruk aku zaman sekolah tak cukup umur lagi sobs sobs. By the way thank you semuaaa sayang dia orang ni lebih hahaha

Then I requested my mom to cook my favorite meals and she bought me red velvet cake - knowing it's my favorite!

Alhamdulillah syukur atas nikmat yang diberi oleh Allah, tuhan yang Maha Esa because giving me this chance to live in this world since I was born until now, blessing me with these friends and family that I have right now.

I'm praying for me to be a better person than I was, be more organized and be more thankful with what I have right now.

- - - - - - 

This is just a random thought but i'm thinking of opening online store via Instagram, but I don't know yet. I asked my mom and a friend and they said I should go for it. But hmm, maybe I'll think some more before making any decision 😊

Haih berapa banyak kali dah tukar layout asyik tak berkenan je. Lepas ni malas dah nak tukar. Kalau you all perasan, layout ni sama dengan yang before I use blogskins. Header pun ambil yang sama je. Cuma tukar perkataan je haha. (Eleh cakap je nanti tukar juga adoi)

Vector at the sidebar is made by me using photoshop 


  1. Hey happy birthday!! You're legal yay hehehe

    1. Hihi thank you Alia (omg yes finally!)

  2. heyyyoo happy birthday senpai! ~~~~

  3. happy born-day ^^ your friends are so sweet, they wished for you XD btw I like this layout more, I think :)

    1. hehe yep supper blessed! thank you :D

  4. happy birthday, mall all your wishes and dreams come true !


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