Anime Review: Haikyuu!! Season 2

4/12/2016 01:16:00 pm


Hi you can say this review is the continuation from the first season's review :D you can read the first season review here [click]

Okay some of you may not know that the second season of this anime just finished airing on 27th March 2016 (I just realize it two days ago ;-;)  I've been waiting for it to finish but in the end, I completely forgot about it hehe.

Warning: this entry may contain spoilers. Please read at your own risk.

In the last season, we all know that Karasuno was up against Aoba Johsai. Unfortunately, Karasuno was defeated by the great king's team. It actually bring tears to me because we can how Hinata tried so hard to win that game. Ever since that, Karasuno is known as the team that gave Alba Johsai a hard time. Honestly, I'm so proud when people actually look up on them and stop calling them "Flightless Crows".

If you recall, I used the words "super intense" to describe the first season. But now I'm going to describe this season as "spirited".

Everyone was giving their all every time they were in a game. And it's such a beautiful view, I'm telling you. Honestly you can see their determination to achieve their goal (which is to play in Nationals and compete in Tokyo).

They had new manager and that manager is me every time I watch this anime. All she worried of was "someone's arms going to fly off." Haha it's pretty funny if you watch she said that XD

There was a school that called Shiratotizawa. This school is like the strongest in Inter High preliminaries. So, in order for Karasuno to compete in Tokyo, they have to win a game between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa. I'm just going to hope Karasuno win this game. It's going to continue in season 3 - much to my disappointment because it mean I have to wait for another year until they air the season T_T

Hinata need to beat the shit out of Ushijima Japan.

Major spoiler: Karasuno compete with Aoba Johsai again and they won!!!

I also want to hope Kasosuno compete with Nekoma in season 3. I just can't wait to see them compete in real competition instead of practices. (But I want Karasuno to win, so please Kenma).

Oh my god this post has become a rant instead of a review and I'm so sorry! I'm just so excited to tell you guys what this season about hehe.

As usual, I give 5 stars, 10/10 for this anime. Not only because it's my favorite but it also have all emotions you need in a story. It's funny, emotional, happy, exciting, frustration and many more! You can find so many feelings in just one season.

I highly recommend this anime! To those who haven't watch it yet, you need to start from season 1 and feel the same emotions I had been through. You're going to love this anime so much. I promise!

Okay so I think this is the end to my rant/review. I hope you're going to watch this. I'm typing this entry using my mom's phone. I don't know, but I feel really comfortable typing using phone than using computer hehe.

So, until we meet again (because I'm such a lazy bum when it come to post entries).

This entry was supposed to post on 7th April but I forgot to schedule it -_-


  1. Can't wait for the third season!

  2. Just watching haikyu S2 last week and the feels are really... idk I just wanna screammmm hahahaha ohmy. I've read the manga too and I can guess season 3 is gonna be more intense than ever!

    1. omg now i can't wait for season 3 haha (let's scream together ;AAA;)

  3. Oh noes~ I'm behind my schedule to watch my fav animessss I got only less than a month to finally breeak freee >.< from my study

    1. ganbatte for your study! go and watch it when you have free time :D

  4. yeahh! cant wait for season 3. i hope they win all the match! :D


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