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6/23/2018 04:11:00 pm

Happy Eid Mubarak!

On 5th Syawal, my family and I – except my sister because she’s working – went to send off my dad at KLIA2. It was my first time going out m=of my comfort zone by wearing jubah to go out. The reason is, before that we went to my cousin’s open house and I’m too lazy to change my outfit. I grab my purse and phone and then I’m out.

Never in my life I went anywhere other than open houses or classes wearing jubah or baju kurung or just wearing anything with skirt in general. I’m trousers/jeans/slack kind of girl. It was my first time and surprisingly I feel very comfortable.

Before this, I would think about of people’s judgment on my outfit. It’s unhealthy, but it’s the way I am. Always being thinking about what people will think of me.

Now that I’m 20, I just think about myself more. I was like, “lantak lah orang nak cakap apa pun.” Ignore them all, that’s what I do best. Some people can’t think like that. They have their own insecurities, and that’s okay because you’re going to outgrow them.

Nowadays, I feel uncomfortable when wearing close-fittings clothes. I’d choose slack and palazzo over jeans any day. I feel it limited my movements and makes me claustrophobic – is that’s the right analogy. The thought that I attract the eyes of men’s also one of the reason. Not to judge anyone, this is truly what I feel about myself. The more flowy the clothes are, the more comfortable I am. The better mood I’m in. And you don’t want to see me being moody.

That’s it, I guess. I want to share with you some of my thought while wearing jubah in public. I hope I can encourage those who are hesitating to wear our traditional clothing in public. But make sure kena tempat lah. Nanti plan nak bungee jumping, pastu pakai baju kurung. Tak ke pelik nampaknya tu? Haha.

The jubah was bought by my uncle when he went to Makkah for umrah. By the way, if you guys have or know any shops that are selling cheap jubah or abaya, do tell me please! A girl need a wardrobe change haha

Happy Eid Mubarak!

Until I write again,

My top 5: Things in my bag | Uni version

6/05/2018 08:00:00 am


Hi, this is my first ever what's in my bag series and maybe I'll write more when I feel like it (?) I'm doing this for my go-to class bag because when I was out, I do not usually bring a handbag around - unless I want to put lots of things. When I go out, I just grab my purse and phone and sometimes my powerbank - tu pun letak dekat handbag mak 😐 I just don't really bring many things on me whenever I go out.

But recently I bought a handbag because my mom didn't like to see my pocket bulge when I put my purse in lol

Sebenarnya post ni is not supposed to be in my top 5 pun, because it's literally what I bring every single day to class. But just for the sake of the tag - or series - I still want to include the my top 5 tu hehe. It's okay, right?

Currently, I'm using a simple black tote bag that I bought at Padang Besar for RM10. It's really cheap and don't have any extra pockets besides the main compartment. The reason I bought the bag is because it's cheap (obviously), it has zipper and it's totally water resistant due to the material used - so I don't have to worry about my notes getting wet bila kena redah hujan haha

I have lots of things in put in my bag. Mainly for study purposes, tapi kalau ada benda lain such as powerbank and purse – it’s because I forgot to charge my phone & weh I need money for food lah.

1. Notes
Haha of course lah pergi kelas bawa notes, kan? If the class use textbook instead of notes, then I’ll bring the textbook. I loathe bringing the textbook, because let me tell you – engineering textbooks are super thick and heavy. Since I use one shoulder bad, it’s a burden to my shoulder. So kalau bawa buku, I won’t put it in my bag and instead pegang je.

2. Pencil case
Yang ni memang betul-betul essential. Because I love to write little extra notes that didn’t provide in the printable notes. Sometimes our lecturers will say something extra as side note, but it’s still important for your own knowledge. Even though tak masuk exam, what’s wrong with little extra knowledge kan? Kalau tak nak bawa pencil case pun, at least a pen jadi lah. Takkan sign attendance pun pakai pen kawan ^^” unless you really forgot your pencil case, then it’s acceptable.

3. Highlighters
I will always bring a pack of highlighters. My lecturers usually will tell us tajuk mana yang mereka nak masukkan dalam tests or midterm tests. So they will ask us to highlight the important parts. Tapi ini certain lectures je la yang baik hati bagitahu tajuk tu. Kalau tak, hm pandai-pandai lah study semua balik ye

4. Notebook
After each lesson, I will write the important parts of the lectures onto my notebook. This way, kalau pensyarah tu tanya something from the past chapter, I can quickly turn back the pages and answer them. Tak ada lah nanti lecture tu marah bila taka da sesiapa yang jawab. They’re going to be like “haritu baru belajar takkan dah lupa”. This is uni wei, they expect you to remember everything from day one T_T

5. A4 paper or foolscape paper
This is quite important jugalah. It’s because sometimes my lecturers akan suruh buat assignment or exercise or test mengejut and kena hantar hari tu juga. Not every lesson like this, but when they do it haa kan dah kena pinjam kawan pula. Eh, bukan pinjam tapi ambil dah tak berganti dah. Isn’t it annoying? Bukan nak kedekut lah, tapi make sense lah kan when you bought the papers with your own pocket money and your friends senang-senang minta kertas. Once or twice okay lah, tapi kalau setiap kali macam ni, boleh naik angin jugalah 😓

So these are the 5 things I always have in my go-to class bag. Like I said, these are essentials things I bring to my class je. Just because my class and my hostel is not that far - about 5 minutes walking distance, so I don't necessarily bring water bottle or food.

p/s: I scheduled this post to go up by the time I'm going back to my uni, but apparently it's still in my draft. I don't know what happened, so I'm just going to post this today.

What's in your go to class bag?
is it the same as me or entirely different things?

Until I write again,