Recap and Lessons of 2021 | A to Z ver.

Happy new year! May all your wishes comes true, may Allah bless everything that you have done or going on in your life. Don't forget to take care of your health. Be kind to others as you want others to be kind to you. Love yourself, so that you have so much love that you can give to others too.

2021 have brought so many new experiences to me. Without further ado, let's get to it, shall we.

Annual blog post is here again! I always make a recap & lessons every year - or at least I tried to. This is one of the ways for me to remind myself what every year have brought to me. A way for me to be thankful and a way for me to remind myself of the lessons it has brought.

Birth of my first nephew. The best thing that ever happened this year was the birth of my very first nephew in March. We are so blessed to have him in our life.

Cameron Highland. It was the first time I went to Cameron Highland with my friends. Never in my life, a road trip with friends will be possible, but here were are. We went to Cameron Highland in November, right after our industrial training.

Dancing is such a good workout. Except when you are following hard choreographies. Three songs in and already felt like dying...

Eid 2021. Blessed to be there with the whole family during eid, along with my new nephew. Our colour theme was blue!

Fangirling. It has been a long time since I last fangirling over a group of boys. I was a One Direction fan throughout school until they "disband". Still cannot believe I am a K-Pop fan now. Specifically, an Ateez fan called Atiny! They came into my life without knocking and here to stay. Definitely felt the presence in my wallet, considering how much it took for merch and stuff...

Genshin Impact is part of my life now. I play this game literally every day except for days I have so many assignments to do. I started playing seriously during April when my friend started playing too. Add me if you play this game too, we can play together!

Have a moment to myself. There are days where I want to have a moment to myself. I just want to keep quiet and be left with my thoughts. Living with a roommate does not mate this easy though. The air feels heavy somehow...

Industrial training. I have shared with you my past internship during my diploma, but I did not share anything for my degree internship. It is because I did my internship in pandemic at my university. It was pretty uneventful. Every day I did the same work except for a few weeks I have to go to the laboratory for other works. However, I am grateful for the internal internship as I was able to complete the industrial training.

Just one more photocard doesn't hurt. it does... it is hurting my wallet... need to learn when to stop...

Knitting. I have developed a new hobby which is knitting, crochet or amigurumi. Maybe amigurumi is the perfect term to describe it as I love to knit dolls. I started knitting for fun since my mom is so good at it and I want it too. Remember that I did a little bit of embroidery in 2019? So I want to try other things and I chose this. I enjoyed doing it and I plan to do many more of it this year.

Langkawi. It was the first time in 23 years of my life I went to Langkawi. I went with my friends during our internship and it was a short 3 days getaway. I had so much fun, although there have some things that I wished I can do differently.

"Make it make sense," I think I have been saying this a lot this year because lots of things are not making sense. This is not just about my daily life but beyond it. I don't want to elaborate more. 

Never mind what people say about me. I feel like responding with "sounds like your problem" make my life easier when there are people who gave unsolicited advice. You don't like something I like? Oh, sound like your problem or in Malay Id like to reply with "itu kau punya pasal"

Online classes, online quizzes, online tests. Everything is online now. If you don't have any line, then you're doomed. I need to service my laptop soon...

Pulling an all-nighter seems like an easy task for me nowadays. Stay up till late to finish my works. Just a normal student life.

Quality time with my friends of 10 years. It has been so long since we hang out together, but we managed to during my mid-sem break. It is so hard to do so when everyone has their own schedules, but somehow we managed to. Blessed.

Remember to love me so that I can love others. My bias keeps saying these words. Before giving your love and happiness to someone, love and care about yourself first. This may seem insignificant, but we always overlook ourselves. Be kinder to myself. Be more forgiving to myself.

Semester break. This year was the first semester break I didn't go back to my home. I was here since May, finish my semester, continue with internship then I have a chance to go home. With the pandemic, I truly have no chance to go home. It was the longest I have been away which is 5 months.

Turtle egg incubator is our ongoing project for course material selection and design. We were asked to do a project with the theme of "Creating Job: Material Engineer IR 4.0" and chose to do a turtle egg incubator, but during our first Viva, we were asked to make it universal. Please pray for our project to be a success!

Unapologetically say "No". I have said before that I want to learn how to unapologetically says no when people ask me something I don't want or don't want to do. I think I am getting good at it.

Vaccinated! I got Sinovac for my first and second dose of vaccines. Thank god I did not experience any side effects except for a sore arm. I also received my booster (Pfizer) last week. I did have a fever for a day, but after that sore arm for 2 days and I am good to go.

Went to watch Spiderman: No Way Home with my friend! It has been so long since I last go to a cinema. Before covid, I think? So it is good to experience it again.

X - ok let's be real... I can't think of any word...

Year mixed of new things, good things and bad things that give me lessons. After all that happened, I am still grateful for what happened happened. Wishing for this year to brings a lot more happiness in our life~

Zealous. How I wish I have more energy and enthusiasm in pursuit of my goals. Let's keep working hard this year too!

Until I write again,


  1. Oooh I'm seeing more and more people have done this hehehehe I love reading them! It's like a tradition over on my blog xx

    lenne |

    1. Me too! I have done this almost every year. I love reading others' too :D

  2. i was a 1D fans too and still but end up at Jpop now ! lol

    1. Haha considering how famous they once were, it's no wonder their fans are all over the globe XD

  3. wow! nice buat recap macam ni. Ateez memang kadang-kadang capture hati fangirl tua ni. Haha

    -sorry xreti komen in english. haha pinewyer

    1. haha terima kasih kerana membaca! betul tu lagu2 Ateez semua best2 :D

  4. That turtle egg incubator seems so promising! (I don't know much about the progress in this field but) hey, you rock! :)

    1. Thank you! It is still an ongoing project, expected to be done in the next semester :)

  5. Hi!
    i just started genshin impact ehhe
    nice to find a kpop lover here
    i really like this blog post thank you for sharing <3

    1. Haha feel free to drop your id, maybe we can play together sometimes :) Thank you for reading ^^


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