First time gastric pain

1/19/2022 12:47:00 pm

As the title said, yes I got my first gastric pain last week. I saw my friends have had this kind of pain before and it looks painful, not gonna lie. She could not even sit straight up. Now I know how it felt like.

The first day I had it was on 12th January. I was so lucky the pain started right after I had my quiz, or else I wouldn't have survived. I went in and out of the toilet 3 times. The pain was bearable at first but then it started to grow. The day before it, I didn't eat for the whole day except for dinner where my friend and I ate shawarma and I also ate buttermilk chicken rice. I didn't think anything as my friend also ate the shawarma and she was fine.

But then I can't sit or walk for the whole day and night. The only time I didn't feel any pain was when I was asleep. But then the pain was still there whenever I woke up. Let's just say I sleep restlessly for the whole day and night. I only woke up to pray and ate a little instant porridge and that's it. My friend bought me moi sup (nasi air or bubur orang Melayu selalu panggil I think, idk kat perlis we call this moi sup) for my dinner and the sambal was a little spicy. I ate a few spoons and went back to sleep.

The next day on 13th January, the pain was still there. Although not as painful as before, the pain was still ever-present. My friend bought me rice and savoury chicken. I did not know you cannot eat rice when you're having gastric pain. I ate half of it and then I was done. I did my assignment, play some games and took several naps.

When the third day came and the pain was still there, my parent asked me to go to the clinic. I did, and yep my fear came true. I had food poisoning and gastric. I did not know where the food poisoning came from because my friend ate the same thing I did. But then she had her breakfast while I skipped and only ate dinner. Gastric was one thing I did not want but it happened.

I have been eating once per day for a long time now. It was my own fault and no one else. I skipped breakfast and lunch every day all because I was too lazy to go out and buy something to eat... please don't be like me. Value yourself more. I usually had my lunch very late at 4-5pm and did not eat dinner after that. Sometimes I just had a light meal of instant noodles or instant porridge. It was not enough.

The point here is to not skip your meal no matter how busy you are. Always have a snack right by your side and eat it! Eating is the most important thing. I didn't think much of eating because I felt it waste of my time. I can do a lot more than go walking to the cafe to buy some food. Also my weight increases every time I weigh myself, so I never thought I can get gastric. Well, I thought wrong. 

Do any of you have gastric too? I'm eating oat now for breakfast and it was so bland. I did not know how to make it taste good. If you have any suggestions, feels free to share them with me :)

Until I write again,


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