Rant: January recap and Sherlock

1/30/2017 10:14:00 pm


It has been a month since my last update and I truly regret that. This is all my fault for not taking care of my blog and I'm sorry. I'm not busy with my life right now, I just am lack of ideas on what to talk about because I'll just write nonsense that will not give you any benefit of reading this blog. I always hear people saying to visit other people's blog and take inspiration based on their writing and I have this thought on why I should write the same thing as someone else's? And that lead to not having any update in a month.

Oh whale. 🐋

These are some of the things that I got to experience/learn in January and also a journey to complete my 2017 resolutions. 

1. My housemates and I celebrated 2 of our housemates' birthday this month - one of them being my roommate, so happy (belated) birthday to all January babies!

2. I've mentioned before than I want to save money and alhamdulillah I think I'm slowly but surely getting there. I've set up an expenses tracker in my journal - which I'm not going to share because January is the trial month and it has been messy! I'm going to do better in February and set a cleaner layout.

3. I'm still working out in blog updating - hopefully my life going  to be exciting from now on, so I can share to you what happened or please ideas come back to me!

4. In the healthy lifestyle part I think I'm doing great right now. I'm restricting myself to drink flavored drinks once a day - be it at lunch or dinner.
And last week I joined my uni's diploma activity called Night Lite Run. The run part is obviously not for me because I spend the whole time jogging and walking, so yeah gotta work out on the stamina first maybe. If you followed my instagram, you can see that I posted 3 photos of that night which none of them with a medal in it :(

5. Last year my cousin went to comic fiesta and I asked her to buy 2 Haikyuu!! keychains because I can't go there myself and last Thursday they arrived at my uni! You can't imagine how happy I was to finally get my hands on these cuties!
Art is by @pottetto on instagram
6. Last week too I ordered a copy of book titled More than This by Patrick Ness. Mainly because it's on sale and I can't keep my hands to myself, sorry mom I know I bought 3 books last month that are still in my TBR list but I. Just. Can't. Maybe I'll write a review about it after I read it. That going to take months because I always get reading slumps and that s----
Unfortunately, due to Chinese New Year debookroom is going to continue their shipping service after 6 February, so I have to wait for 2 weeks until I get can it in my hands. Please be patience lee, you can do this!

7. On the title I've said it first folks! Let's talk about Sherlock - one of the famous TV Series that started back in 2010 and I know lots of you had watched it before. I started and finished watching this series this month and all I can say is - mindblown. I thought season 4 going to be 4 episodes and I was wrong it have 3 episodes and I want more of it!
I want to know more about Holmes siblings and why are the siblings are all high functioning sociopath while their parents look absolutely normal people. It is weird if I say I'm so glad when Moriarty died because he deserve it so much after playing with both Sherlock's and MY minds.

- - - - -

Alright, that's going to be the end of my entry today. This is my first numbered monthly entry. Maybe I'll do this every the end of the month to see what I've achieve in journey to complete my resolutions. Oh, who am I kidding - I did this because I have so much topics to talk about and I don't want it to look messy and hard to read when I jump off topic in each paragraph.

Tell me what have you done or achieved in January in my comment box below :)

Until I write again. 


  1. I want that keychain! Haha
    And oh i am starting to stop drinking flavored drink too. Lets do this!

  2. I think im gonna watch sherlock again. Stopped watching it cause I barely had time to watch anything. Sigh --'

    1. yep go and watch it, it's getting amazing! :)

    2. Okay. Hehe. oh ya, on jan I've done like 7 books I read. lols. But I wish I can read more. Hee.

    3. omg that's amazing okayy. I haven't manage to read any book... there goes my 2k17 reading goal .-.


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