Recap and 2017 resolutions

1/05/2017 12:53:00 pm


Is it too late to wish all of you a Happy new Year? I hope not, because hi hello Happy new year! May Allah ease everything and I hope your skin get clearer, your life reciprocated and have a great year ahead! 🎊

2016 gave me lots of experiences in life. It was my first time I stay away from my family. I totally did not expect that I am going to be away, because all through my life I just want to stay near them. I totally despise those 6 hours of train ride that bring me away from my family. But what can I say, when the needs to learn new things is greater than being at home.

On 28th December 2016, my grandmother on my mother's side passed away at 7.30 am. At that day I had 2 mid sem tests, so I can't go back to hometown as soon as I can. My mother also didn't manage to see my late-grandmother for the last time because she was from Sabah and time is not on her side, so she approximately arrive at my hometown after Zohor. I hope you can contribute an Al Fatihah to my late-grandmother. May Allah bless.

Last year also gave me a new meaning of friendship. It was my first time staying with people I did not know who they are, where they are from, what personalities they have, but I'm blessed to have a friend that stays with me - in term of housemates - since semester 1 until semester 2. I hope she wants to stay with me until we're in semester 5. Staying in a house with 8 others housemates make me realize how important patience and tolerant are.

Last two years, I did not make any new year resolutions because when I think back, what's the point of writing it if I don't try to achieve it? But this year I'm going to set my mind and soul to achieve 2017 resolutions.

In 2017 I want to;

#1 Be a better servant of Allah
As we know, the increasing of year means we are lots closer to the end of the world. I want to leave how jahil I was in the past and be a better human and be closer to our Creator. This is my new year resolution every year but I still going to write this although it’s such a common thing that everyone wants – to give me encouragement to myself and you.

#2 Save money
Inalillah to all my money I waste on nothing in 2016 😔 This year I want to save more money than I did last year. Malaysia is having economy problem and I'm borrowing money from ptptn, so got to have a back up on how to pay for the hutang right? And yes, to buy some rewards for myself - for whatever reason.

#3 Get dean list for sem 2 and sem 3
Right now I'm in a middle of semester 2 and going to finish it in less than 3 months. I will having my final exam on March, then 3 months of semester break and I'm going to be in diploma 2nd year aka semester 3. So for these both semester of course, every student want to be in dean list and I want it too. I really want to get my CGPA 3.5 and above. I don't know if I'm going to get it, it all belongs to yang Maha Esa, but I'm going to work hard and we'll see 😌

#4 Update blog regularly and first giveaway (?)
The ulimate reason of why I don't update blog regularly is because every time I open the new post tab, all my ideas just seem to puff - up up and away ~ I can't bear to let myself write any more half-asses entry so from that I also holding myself back from writing any entry, which is very pathetic. What kind of blogger having writer block every time she opens new blank space? *smh. 
Also, I've been planning to make a first giveaway (maybe when I reach 500 followers). I am not sure about this yet, but I will try to make this happens this year. Maybe I'll make an entry of who wants to be sponsor or I'll try to do it  by myself. I just hope that some people will support me and interest in joining it - I'm such a flop queen I'm not sure anymore 😰

#5 Lead a healthy lifestyle
I'm not really sure about this resolution but I still want to try it. I'll try to ask my friends to join me jogging, as I told you before I'm not the most independent person, so I need someone to push me until I can do it by myself.
Ever since I come back from uni last Saturday, my friends here and my aunties keep saying I've become skinnier than I was before. I'm going to try increase my weight although I don't have any idea how I'm going to do that because I'm not the one can eat lots of food at the same time. I'll puke all the food out and it's not going to be nice at all.

That's all my resolutions for this year. I'm not going to write any more of it because yang these 5 pun I'm sure I can complete them haha. Again, I hope you're going to have a fantastic year and may Allah bless all our lives. InsyaAllah.

Until I write again👋


  1. Reading about your lost and your first semester reminds me of my 2015 life.. I lost of my grandma on that year, while my parents when to umrah and I was strugging with exam of my 1st semester.. It's like looking at the mirror with a bit of spice..😟

    1. Hmm it's devastating but life must go on, right? Takziah to your family (altho it's late bc why not) :)

  2. innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun,
    happy new year, and hopefully 2015 full with happiness for all of us :)

    1. Thank you sis BV :D
      (I think u want to say 2017 but it's okay :B)

    2. hahahhaha seriously bad typo XD

  3. Happy new year 🎊
    Hope you can achieve what you aim for!

    FYI, i have changed my blog address to Please follow me at this page and thank you for your visit. Have a nice day ya!

    1. Happy new year too! Thanks for that (I really need the support)
      Sure I'll follow you there ;)

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your late grandmother, salam takziah.

    Strive to achieve all your goals !

  5. innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun..
    dont be sad leo...
    i always at ur side��

  6. salam, hey hope u'll manage to achieve all ur 2017's dreams. aminnn. btw, jemput singgah and bace new entry . boleh tinggal komen juge. TYSM :3


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