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If you have read my previous post, I have mentioned that the place I want to visit besides Makkah is the UK. If Traveloka approves my leave, I will spend my holiday at London because it has been my childhood dream since I can remember. I don’t know why but London totally caught my eyes the first time I saw the city from the internet/television. Honestly, I can talk on and on about what I want to do in London. It’s one of the famous cities in the world and it also hold a special place in my heart!

Ever since I was a child I have been dreaming to further my studies in London. Even my best friend has the same goal as mine. (I hope I can achieve my ambition to further my studies there or just breath some London air hehe)

Things I’d do in London;

I mean who doesn’t want to experience touching and riding the big red bus? If people mention London, I always have my mind on this particular bus. It looks so classic and cute! For someone who doesn't like to travel by bus, this big red bus just managed to catch my attention. hahaha. Did your remember in one of Harry Potter movies there was a scene where Harry almost got hit by Knight Bus and (thank god he's not) then he went and ride the bus instead? Despite the HUGE different, maybe it was a love at first sight for me 😶

After travelling by bus, I have to get my mind on a destination and this is probably going to be my first destination. Even if I get to touch the building, I'll still consider my one of a billion dreams has come true 😍 From the time when there was an article about this building being build, I already have my mind and heart set on this particular place. I have been growing up with Harry Potter as it is one of my all time favourite movies and books series and I can't manage to miss seeing this building and go through this studio by myself!

As we all know at Madame Tussauds, we can face-to-face with all the world's most famous faces! Even though all of them are made of  wax (and it looks really real!), it still can't shake off the feeling of in the presence of all important people. Things like this always wake up my inner model spirit. Who won't right when you get to strike a pose with Her Majesty the Queen and  One Direction? Even though that is so far from reality, a girl can only dream 😂 

Honestly, I'm one who appreciate the beauty of art and history (although I despise the subject when I was in school). It never ceases to amaze me how some things or tragedies can be so meaningful and beautiful to me. 

Some of the museums that I need to experience myself are; British Museum (which is famous for the works of man from prehistoric to modern times from around the world), Natural History Museum (which is very famous of their dinosaurs and all types of animal’s exhibition – please believe me when I say I really want to see dinosaur’s bones up close), Science Museum (pretty self-explanatory – the most visited technology museum in the world).

And of course, all those art galleries that enough to wake my inner artist (lol)

Oh my God, you just can’t imagine how I much I really need to take a picture with it. I mean, I have seen enough pictures from Instagram and other blogs of people taking picture with the Big Ben to make me jealous! As people always saying, kalau tak pergi tu memang tak cukup syarat. I know it just tower with a clock that always go bang bang bang every hour, but it’s okay anything for touching the building – and of course listen to the chime by myself for my own satisfaction.

- - - - -

All of these I mentioned just the big part of my travelling dream. As I told you earlier, I can talk on and on about this as there are so many more I want to do in London such as explore the parks and outdoor, the street arts, the city farms and so much more! I know I said 'touching' a lot because I need to feel it and proof that it's real! If there is one thing that caught my attention is the architecture. I believe the one who design all those buildings are gifted! I mean, can you see how classic those buildings are? Those things are sooo worth drooling over 😁 

To all those people from Traveloka, I want to thank you for this contest to win a FREE trip to my dream destination which is London, UK. It is such a huuuge honor for me to join this contest and if I get to pick as the winner, I won't hesitate to pack my bag and go travel for #MyTravelokaEscapade ~

Until I write again.


  1. YOU COULD BECOME MY TOURIST GUIDE! (only if I did happened going there which is not obviously) You know a lot, and man I vote for the museum!

    1. How I wish I'm so familiar with London to be your tourist guide! (hehehe it's not like it's gonna happen soon sobs)

  2. good luck dear :D
    may ur dream comes true


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