Rant: life motivation (?)

12/02/2016 05:33:00 pm


First of all ai nak cakap sorry because I didn't update anything ever since masuk sem kedua ni.

And it's already December! Can you believe it? Cepat betul masa berlalu, huhu. Lagi sebulan je nak tinggalkan 2016. So far 2016 have given me lots of experiences as university student and as a human being. Right now I just want to keep my mind set on being a dean list student and be a better human.

I was doing my ferrous metal assignment when suddenly I feel like updating my blog. Can you believe that not once in my life I ever think of writing an assignment about metal or explaining mechanisn of blast furnace? Sometimes it feels surreal to me, because when I was a kid I want to be someone else - learn different thing than I am now.

Some of my ambitions were being a scientist, then a writer, then a pharmacist. I chose to be those people because every time I think of the word "engineering" is that the job is for guys only. Yes, that's how narrow minded I was. 

But right now, alhamdulillah I can find the joy of learning new things (and having love-hate relationship with all these subjects) - although it's majority about iron, steel etc. things I never want to know about. I just want to learn more and perfect my skills to be a great engineer / metallurgist. Although I'm still a first year diploma, what's wrong with dream high? Maybe that dream can be a reality someday.

So for those girls out there who's still in school, never hesitate to challenge yourself to learn new things - even though people keep saying the course is for 'male' or whatever. You do what you want, because no matter what you choose patience, hardwork and determination are the keys to success.

- - - 

Sorry I never intended for this post to be a motivation speech or whatever. I just don't know what to update about and suddenly all these ideas come flowing from my mind and I can't seem to make my fingers to stop typing. But I'm going to stop here because I need to finish my assignment. Okay, bye.

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  1. i always have a inner respect for a girl who study engineering because everyone know how tough it is. :D so, u go girl! all the best. :)

    cant wait for hermo sale!!

    1. hahaha thank you sis BV! It is tough indeed but I'm going to try as hard as I can :D

  2. kita minat bidang IT. tapi tulah orang selalu kata bidang tu sesuai untuk lelaki. but lepas baca ni kita akan cuba betul2 pasni thanks kak xx <3

    1. haha takyah nak dok fikir orang cakap apa aih yang penting kita gak nak belajar bukan orang lain. do your best okay! :Dx

  3. Go go tough girl! :D dulu time kecik2 pun selalu nak brangan nak jd cigu lah, pharmasist la, last2 jadi grafik designer. mmg totally out of bidang yg dbljr time study dlu. haha.

    1. tough in bahasa engineering is liat so yes, I'm kind liat bila nak buat kerja hahahaha *just kidding okayyy XD bestnya jadi grafik designer, pernah berangan nak keja camtu gak ;-;

  4. in language of engineering is a bit difficult*_* now im getting headache bcz of computer programming..


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