MY TOP 5: Frequently use smartphone Apps

11/11/2016 05:06:00 pm

Hi guys, I am back with my 5 top  series. Today I want to share to you my 5 frequently used applications - excluding social media - on my smartphone. Everyone knows smartphone is like one the an essentials in our daily life. We use smartphone to connect with our friends, family and people all over the world.

Right now I'm just using an Android phone. Personally, I prefer to use Android rather than IOS because it's user friendly and it's cheaper - I'm just a broke university student *sobs

1. VSCO Cam
I know lots of people already use this filter app because it's amazing! Although the filters are quite expensive, there are people who are willing to give out their emails and password for all paid filters. I'm one of those people who uses other people's paid filters. If you're interest in getting all the paid filters, there are many vscocam filters accounts on Instagram that will guide you on how to get all the paid filters. You can also set up your Instagram feed using these filters provided by the filter accounts to make your feed much better and nice looking.

2. UC Browser
As for browser, I'm using this particular browser because it's very light. Not in term of storage, but whenever I want to search for something, the page take a very short time to load compare to Google Chrome or Android Browser. They also have lots of features and add-on such as AdBlock, nigh mode and speed mode. Besides, it is very video and download friendly. Whenever you want to watch video, you can adjust the brightness and volume just by swiping up and down at the top and the bottom screen of your phone. It's really makes my watching videos a lot easier.

For music, I much prefer Joox because I can sing along because it's providing lyrics for every song. Even for my imported songs, I can ask for the lyrics to be uploaded. For a broke student like me, the free VIP feature is very important. I can get one day  free VIP just by sharing the song to WeChat moment or Facebook wall. I am using my brother's old WeChat account just for this hehehehe

4. SuperNote
It's just your average notepad - nothing special for it but maybe it's special because you can choose to write or to type your note. Because of this feature I always draw doodle instead of writing something useful ._. It can change the color of my writing which I can use to differentiate the points of a note. I usually use this when there's motivational talks and I am too lazy to use on my notebook, or when I keep track of my manga reading. This way I won't read the same manga twice (unless I really like it)

5. SHAREit
The best way to share your files to other phones. I'm so glad this app exist because sharing video files with my friends can be quite painful when I use Bluetooth. This app make files sharing more easier and faster than Bluetooth.

That's all my frequently used applications. Mind to share what's yours? :)

I am going back to my uni tomorrow - so not looking forward for 5 hours train ride ;-; as semester break has come to an end. So maybe I'll set time for updating my blog such as 3 times a week or more (?) Maybe I'll think about it later. hehe until I write again.


  1. I totally agreed about the UC Browser. The night mode was super cool!


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