11/26/2015 09:16:00 pm


Alhamdulillah, bersyukur ke hadrat Allah kerana telah memberi aku peluang untuk menduduki Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. Mudah-mudahan usaha dan ilmu yang telah aku curahkan akan membawa kepada kecemerlangan dalam keputusan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia kelak. InsyaAllah.

Hari ni, 26 November 2015 aku baru sahaja tamat sesi persekolahan + SPM. maigod after this kena fikir pasal uni pulak dah. haha. but that's okay right now i have like 5 to 6 months off before going to uni - give or take. i am so going to use the time as good as possible.

so my friend asked me "so what's your plan?"

haha honestly? i am so going to download all teen wolf from season 1 to season 5A. i have been waiting to re-watch that tv series ever since tv9 stopped airing the series.

then i'm going to read. read. read. lots of books. those books have been waiting for me in my room since september. top up tidur. yes. that's a must. i need all the beauty sleep i can get. and then ANIME. yas i'm gonna get my hands on every anime i can watch. hahaha

but before that hehe, kalau korang ada host any giveaway ke apa, please let me know okay? i want to keep this blog as much update as possible. dah lama pun tak join mana-mana giveaway. i think the last time i did, masa merdeka. yep. that time.

so hooray for me, and congratulations too to those SPM candidates because you have been fighting these whole 2 years for this examination :)


  1. hahahahaha congrats ! XD enjoy if not nanti masuk u ;-; you're gonna regret all those times ;-;

  2. @faten.banana : hahaha thank you sis :) i'm so gonna enjoy these 5/6 months :D

  3. congrats kak hope result akak gempak :) Akak suka buku apa ? omg sorry terexcited mostly orang yang kita jumpa tak berapa suka baca buku . Kita paling minat Stiles

  4. Rajinnya download.. mohon copy ye

  5. @AJ : haha mostly akak suka genre young adult but any book yang eye-catching akak baca juga haha basically im the type of person that will judge a book by it's cover hahahaha (omg yes stiles!!)

    @Media Sensasi : hahahaha copy apa ye

  6. good luck in your future! hope dapat result awesome for spm!! ;D


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