11/07/2015 04:45:00 pm
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hi guys. hi. you know i'm currently on break with spm because deepavali *thank god. but the break is not that long - only for a week for god's sake. i'm so going to use this precious time as good as i can.

well, maybe i can start with studying. now. *sweats

i don't  actually have any purpose posting this entry. i just don't want to leave my beloved blog in a long time as i had vowed to never abandoned it again. *sobs sorry i still love you, dear blog.

i want to thank all of your who wish the best for my spm. but if you scroll through twitter full with spm candidates, you will know how we complain about anything and everything. yeah right, our faults too because we are not prepared and kbat is so killing us.

so here i am, wanting to salute those pt3 students who 90% of their papers are full of kbats *tabik spring.

today is literally the day for 5sos fam. *hi guys. some are crying for 2 different reasons - they got tickets and they didn't get the tickets. okay i'm the latter. you see, it's like hunger games with the website come crashing down - like london bridge is falling down, falling down - and fan presale which i didn't go. it's kind of devastated la because i was hoping to buy one but they sold out *cries

so yeah until i write again about something far more interesting than this rubbish of an entry. bye *waves

take a break have a kitkat

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