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12/20/2015 12:37:00 am
i watched this anime and they're super duper cute cherry on top  


first of all, i want to  thank those bloggers yang follow this blog. this crap blog, actually. i update every trillion years and only god knows who read these entries. haha. but still, anyway, thank you for spending you time here. i don't think i give enough credit to all of you. oh, and thanks for complimenting my blog. i have been through hell to make that header work, actually.

 i don't mean to start this entry with this, actually. to be honest, i have been clicking this "create post" page every five minutes. i want to write something, but i don't have any idea what to write about. haha what a crappy blogger i am. sorry.

aku bosan sebenarnya.

selalunya aku dengar dari seniors, hidup lepas spm ni best la. maybe best untuk yang ada kerja. but why no one warn me of how boring is a life without a work? i swear to god, i feel like studying and i hate study. all these novels i have been reading, they always keep me distracted. but now i cant focus on them. i just feel. really. bored.

i'm sorry you have to hear me whining. those juniors be like, "bersyukurlah dah habis sekolah." haha you know what, you're right. i should be grateful. alhamdulillah.

alright, since i don't know what to write about, let me tell you about a friend of mine.
he was classmate when we were 15 years old (form 3). i actually don't exactly remember how i know him, but i remember that he is a die hard otaku. yep, he is. still is to be honest. so every time we are together - we are not actually together, i mean when we hang out together *you know what, i'll shut up now - we're only after 1 topic: anime. yep, that's all we ever talk about.

okay so, when i first know that he is an otaku, i was like begging him to give everything related to anime to me. i gave my pendrive - my baby who is dead now - to him. and he put in that pendrive like tens of openings and endings of anime he recommended to me and two 12 episodes anime. at that moment i was like "wow, this guy honestly. i like you". but not like that. never like that.

a thing about this guy was he always came to school late. hampir setiap hari jugak la dia datang sekolah lepas loceng bunyi. kadang-kadang dia masuk kelas sebelum loceng waktu rehat berbunyi. he is a badass. i mean, everyone doesn't want to be late to school because of the punishments they will get from the teachers. but this guy, this particular guy came to school on his whims. i mean, how is that behavior even possible?

so one day, me and my friends asked him, "weh asal kau selalu datang lambat?" and he said, "aku bangun lambat." so we asked him again, "asal kau tidur lambat?" and his greatest answer was, "aku tengok anime."

and just like that ladies and gentlemen, he managed to make us dropped our jaws right then and there.


  1. make sure you enjoy well enough before entering matriculation or university. kalau tak nanti, memang menyesal sob sob >.<

  2. jawapan that guy sangat legend hahahahahaha

  3. @ENNAMOON K. : i'm trying to enjoy it as much as i can hahahaha maybe i should start do something productive hmm

    @faten.banana: hahahaha i know righttt

    @adiba rusli: ao haru ride :)


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