Newborn kittens

1/28/2016 04:47:00 pm


The night of 11th January 2016, my female cat that we call "auuk" -  I'll tell you the story behind the name some other time okay? - gave birth to 3 the most adorable little kittens! At first we (my mom and I) though it's going to be 4 kittens since she said "biasa kucing beranak nombor genap". Actually dia dah lama cari tempat nak lahirkan anak dia but mostly in cabinets which my mom secure tightly because we don't want it to give birth in one of our laci pakaian. Then finally it choose to give birth under my sister's bed. At the moment pukul 10.30 p.m rasanya. Every half an hour my mom and I came to check on her takut ada anak dia yang tak lepas or it needs help. But alhamdulillah everything went smoothly.

We're very happy we got new kittens, so every now and then we'll check on it and it's kittens because we're sucker for cute little kittens. You can say that my family is kind of cat enthusiasm. We bans my little brother from going to the room because our female cat afraid of him lol Maybe because he's not that little (actually bigger than me and he's only 15 smh)

Unfortunate event came when they were almost 2 weeks old. The exact date was 25th January 2016. Masa tu cuti sebab hari Thaipusam kan (happy belated thaipusam). I'm not sure but dalam pukul 12 p.m macam tu la  rasanya dengar kucing bergaduh. At first we thought kucing kat luar rumah because believe it or not belakang rumah aku banyak kucing jantan tak tahu malu nak rebut kucing betina aku yang sekor tu.

But then when we listen carefully it was actually happened in our house. Lebih tepat lagi, dekat tempat our newborn kittens and their mom. We freak the hell out because Ya Allah a male cat was biting and killing those little kittens (we suspect it want to eat them tapi tak sempat). Oh my god, tuhan je yang tahu how angry my family that time. Tak sempat nak tangkap, that male cat already gone. At that moment, our female cat- auuk was terrified. Mengiau tak tentu hala. Siapa tak sedih kan, tengok anak mati depan mata.

We thought all of them died but alhamdulillah one of them was barely alive, tapi ada 3 kesan gigitan. Masa tu I cried juga la because it has been a long time since we got kittens and when we finally got it, we lost them in a very short time. I told you there were 3 of them right? The ones that are dead is the first and the last. Both of them are identical. Putih with belang kelabu. The middle one special Putih with belang oren. I can't show you because orang tua-tua kata tak elok tangkap gambar kucing, kan?

For now we're taking care of the only kitten that we survived which my mom gave "Cumi" as it's name. I don't know why my mom's choice in naming cat that terrible. In the past she gave name to our cats such as comot, udang, gebu. (when udang died I don't know how to tell my friends without being awkward)

The incident happened 3 days ago but until now we're still holding grudge toward that male cat and it's owner. The owner is my jiran sebelah rumah. My mom have been wanting to tell them about their cat killing ours but sampai sekarang dia orang tak keluar rumah. Maybe they know we're mad at them. Ha

Tapi sadly sampai sekarang cumi tak nak minum susu ibu dia. Jadi my mom bagi air zamzam from Mekah - which gave to me by my friend. Letak dalam botol susu khas untuk kucing tu. It don't want to suck on it so we have to squish the bottle supaya dia boleh minum. Is there a way to make cumi hisap susu ibu dia? Please help meeeee

Okay enough about kucing. There is one thing yang bila aku buka blog je rasa patah semangat.
I legit just lost 12 of my followers. What is happening right now, blogger? If anyone know the answer, feel free to drop into my comment box or my cbox so I won't lose my confidence in blogging world. Patah semangat kot tengok followers making menurun. Tak suka kat aku ke apa lol. Bukan nak cakap aku gila follower ke apa, tapi followers ni assure me that people like my blog enough to keep reading what I'm writing hehe

Hi Yui thank you for noticing some changes I made to my blog a couple days ago hehe I already post a tutorial at my tutorial blog because as you can see, I already disable ctrl + c and highlight, so everything you need I already explain there :) [click here]


  1. actually male cats memang suka gigit (and actually chew) lil kittens especially the newborns because they're too soft and idk selalunya memang kucing jantan akan macam tu. alahai innalillah untuk anak2 kucing yang meninggal tu (luahan seorang cat owner jugak)

  2. wahhh, thank you a lot leoo <3

  3. @Yoo ♡: ;A; tau kucing jantan memang macam tu tapi i tak sanggup tengok those kittens died that's why ;-;

    @yuimcf: you're welcome ^_^

  4. i am an ailuromaniac too, i'm sorry to those kittens but its okay, ada hikmah insyaALLAH.

    but yes kucing jantan mmg suka makan anak kucing thats why usually we kept our newborns in the house.

    try to put them together for a long time, dlm sangkar ke kotak ke but keep an eye on them lah.

    if tak boleh jugakk, try to feed it with susu kambing sebab it is the best milk for kittens since they cant hadam well with susu lembu. feed it every 2-3 hours.

    however, a newborn still needs breastmilk. insyaALLAH, ikhtiar yg terbaik. pray hard.


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