10 Questions from Adiba Rusli

1/07/2016 12:30:00 pm


Hi sis adiba! sorry lambat jawab your questions. dah nampak your message in my cbox last 4 days but i always find a way to procrastinate but here i am, ready to answer all your questions hehe thanks for tagging tho :)

Tell me your feelin' right now.
my feeling in general or ? but honestly, i'm buzzing because i finally have the time to read the novels i bought last year haha

If u have a chance to travel around the world, with whom you will go?
my partner in crime *smirk

State one weird things that u have done in 2015?
hmm what kind of weird are we talking about *snicker. i dont know, my mind totally blank right now but i'm pretty sure it have to do with my weird classmates lol

If you are a social media icon, who you wanna be? and why?
connor franta! i mean have you seen his photography skills? check out his instagram [click] every photo he captured stole my breath away

Favorite color?
i'm going to say black but once my teacher said black and white aren't colours so... soft turqoise!

Favorite pets?
cat, kitten, tiger, lion, hedgehog!
Complete this sentence that start with " I think I should....."
I think I should do something productive like right now.

End this sentence with "..... world will disaster"
People should stop brainwashing children or world will disaster.

Do you think you brilliant enough? why?
hahahahahahahah no

Give me your 2 bad habits that people doesn't know about it
let's keep it that way or people will start knowing hehe

okay so that's it. thank you again for tagging me sis. saya harap sis berpuas hati dengan jawapan saya. and sorry question no 8 ya tuhan ayat berteraburrrr


  1. hi. no biggie! heee.

    -my partner in crime? wuuu. i wonder who will it be.haha.
    -u have weird classmates? me too. sepp sikit.haha
    -conor franta. this is 1st I've heard his name and I do go to his insta and his photo absolutely brilliant.
    -black and white are not colors? seriously? new knowledge I've got here.hehe
    -hedgehog? wahh. mahal kan? around rm100++. btw, i love cats too. to cute to handle.haha.
    -reading some novels also include in productive things too:)
    -I get it what u really mean in question no 8. heee. dont you worry.haha
    -owh ok.you are actually very secretive person huh?haha. thats good because that question is a trick question.haha.

    btw, thanks awaaa. i appreciate it.
    May Allah strenghten our ukhuwah:)

    sincerely, adibarusli

  2. Lol. Best dapat jalan partner in crime ni. Haha


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