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1/14/2016 03:51:00 pm



Hi kini blog aku sudah berwajah baru dengan lebih suci dan murni. Entah lah tapi rasa macam design blog aku sebelum ni nampak macam tak kemas. Haha. Kalau korang nak tahu macam mana rupa blog aku sebelum ni, haa ni aku kasi gambar sikit.

Sebenarnya aku tak suka pun warna oren tapi aku pun tak tahu kenapa pilih warna tu haha.

Aku selalu tengok orang lain punya blog macam "wow kemasnya blog!" pastu tengok blog aku balik macam hahahaha kenapaaa!?

Alright sorry tapi aku rasa skema sangat bila taip entry blog dalam full bahasa melayu. Like, this isn't me at all. You want to know why? Because sometimes when I forgot a word in bahasa I'll lowkey open up new tab and type in Yes, that thing had happened. That's why bila aku lupa je satu perkataan tu I'll be like "scratch that let me write in English instead." So I'm very sorry even though my English is poorly written - dengan grammar berteraburnya - , I hope you can still understand what I'm trying to deliver here. *smile apologetically

tapi bila tak ingat satu perkataan bahasa inggeris... *lie in fetus position then cry*

So far I'm very satisfied with my blog design. The kanji I used on my header means imperfection. Last night I wrecked my mind to find suitable word to put as my header but nothing comes. So I decided to writer serendipity, but it didn't sounds suitable. But then  finally, I got an idea to write that kanji instead. It reminds me of a quote,
perfectly imperfect
I don't know about you but I think it's beautiful. You can find the meaning here [click]

exchange link is now open!
Feel free to drop your request in my cbox. You just have to put mine as Leo,  along with my blog url and you tell me your nickname and I'll put yours. Just friendly remember if you delete mine, I'll delete yours too hehehehehehe

I think that's all for now. You know, I took like 234248641 breaks just to write this entry. I don't know but the need to procrastinate is so strong I can't deny it. Lol. I'm just hoping you'll enjoy my blog and I'll try to update as often as possible.

p/s: who else lepasan spm but still jobless like me? angkat tangan sikit. sobs ;-;


  1. i love your blog new look :D

  2. header tu genius! tapi lama dengan baru dua dua lawaaa <3

  3. apsal kemas sgt blog Leo nih? rawrrr~ kikiki

  4. weeeeeee nak gak laaa nnt blog suci murni ceni hikhik <3

  5. me me me !! jobless dah tak tau nak buat apa lepas spm nih =='

  6. psst~ kmpg Leo kat Sg Besar ke? hehehe

  7. @anamizu: thank youu igs :D and yep kat sg besar hehehe
    @aqilah azmi: hehehe jom jom
    @aienienka peter: thank youuu <3
    @bella lee: huhuhu tu lah pasal :'(

  8. Comeelmyaa. New lookk. Ahahha put mine. Put mine. Lol


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