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Hi. It has been a long time no post but loads stories to tell. I just can’t find the right moment to write an entry and post it. Sorry! But this is the right moment to say,

“Aku rasa baru semalam bulan April.”

Ok tak lawak, tapi I love to say that and make people wonder why I said so. And, hello to May! I hope this month will be a nice month and oh, a month away from puasa! Can’t wait to collect every pahala we can get during Ramadhan :)

i. 26th April 2014

On this date, my school (SEMETRI) held a hari keusahawanan. It’s a great and happy day for me, but at the end, some people have to piss me off and it turn out to be ugly. But I don't want to talk about that, I just want to tell you about happy things. Because people don't like bad things. Honestly, even I don’t want to rewind the memories.

So on this day, Aqilah, my friend who has just moved to Myanmar last year were coming! The first moment I saw her I was like, ‘oh my god is this real are you really here!?’ because I can't trust my eyes. It had been um… 5 months since the last time we met her! We're getting excited meeting each other and yeah, it’s a great time to have a reunion haha!

Also the day was like ‘Selfie Day’ because people just can’t stop taking selfies. Monopod held on ones’ hand and people gathered around just to take a selfie. I think it’s a good thing because it brings people together. So yeah, selfie is okay. Haha.

ii. Midterm

I don’t want to talk about this but I have to let someone know so I will feel a lot better. That’s just how I was programmed.


So exam will be taking place on 6th May and I don’t really fancy exam actually. But this is such an important exam for me. More important than when I had PMR I guess. Sebab berdasarkan result exam ni aku akan ditentukan untuk berada di kelas mana. I know it’s too late but that’s just how my school was programmed.

You know my class – 4 science 3 – we have prinsip perakaunan instead of biology. And the teachers decided to close our class because last year’s SPM results were not so good. So they want to close our class for ‘our own good’. We still don’t understand why they did that. Because last year’s SPM failure was never our faults.

We just want to have this class because we’re so close and it’s almost feels like we’re family and we’re getting to understand what we studied. We know when we have physics, chemistry, add math and account at the same time it’s almost feel like mind-blowing. But we never want anyone to close the class.

So yeah. Right now I have to make up my mind; account or science stream. If I want to continue my ambition as forensic, I have to study hard on physics, add math and chemistry and if I want to give up and be a businesswoman, I’ll just have to give my best on account.

It’s just as simple as that.

Unless it is not as simple as that.

iii. Kawan atau sahabat

Orang melayu selalu tanya “Antara kawan atau sahabat, yang mana kau akan pilih?”

Pada aku, kawan atau sahabat tu semua tak penting sebab pada mata aku semua orang berada di atas tanah yang sama. Apa yang penting kawan atau lawan. Tapi tak ada orang tanya sebab of course orang pilih kawan. Except you don’t know that your friend is your enemy.

So pada aku pangkat really no matters. Kau kawan atau tak, bila aku tak tau apa nak buat, aku tanya jugak sesiapa.

Betul, kalau kawan kau boleh suruh dia belanja, suruh dia buat itu ini. Tapi itu membuatkan kau lawan dia. Sebab apa? Sebab kau mempergunakan dia. You used them for your own benefits and that what make them go against you. Dan bila itu terjadi, kau jangan terkejut dan tunding jari dekat semua orang bila masalah yang sebenar adalah engkau.


Have great days ahead. I’ll write again when I got the time. Insha’Allah. Please pray for my exam. And good luck to all of you that are taking exam as well. Assalamualaikum.

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