5/24/2014 06:15:00 pm


Hi you all. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hello. Konnichiwa. Bonjour. Hola. Guys. And girls.

Today is a happy day. I mean yesterday was a happy day. I mean yesterday’s after school was a happy time. I mean starting from yesterday to today to tomorrow till the next two weeks and half are happy days. And that’s all because I've finished my exam and mid-year holiday starting next week. I can’t wait!

Last night we celebrated out freedom and zouk and that is the best night ever! *lie

I know we’ll have two days of school next week but hell no, I’m not going.

I’ll have prep classes tho. But I don’t intended on waking up at 8am just to go to class every day. So I’ll probably just go to physics class since my school's penolong kanan is my physics teacher and I don’t want to listen to her nag about skipping her class. So yeah, I have to let go two days of freedom.

What is your plan for this holiday?

I don’t know if I’m going anywhere during this holiday. I don’t know if my parents are planning and haven’t told us yet. so, most of the time all I’ll do sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, eat, eat, eat, eat, internet, internet, internet, internet, repeat. 

That’s how my life goes around when holidays come, children.  Be like me and you’ll be free from problems *for a while

*ehem* guys, I think I want to do shout out.

Shout out to everyone that have finished exam and have gone this far without punching a kid in the face!

I never told you this but there was a time when the boys in my class playing confession. They dare each one of them to confess to the girls. It’s fun to see they embarrass themselves. The girls were giggling and all when they were confessed. Then Afan dared Iqbal to confess to me – my classmates call me yakuza so you can guess why. Lucky me, I already had my answer in my head. so we goes like,

Iqbal: Saya sayaaaaang awak

Me: ye, aku tau kau sayang aku. Aku tau korang semua sayang aku. Thank you.

And we couldn't help but laugh. I mean everyone was laughing. I told ya, the game is fun when no feeling involved ;)

Dear you,
Are you a sun because I can see you shine bright like a star. I walked out of the mall, passing by the Starbucks, and I met your eyes. I catch a glimpse of your Starbucks’s cup and your name written neatly on it. At that moment, I feel like I want to tap my shoulder and say “nice work!” and then do ridiculous secret handshakes or even do double flips. And it’s just because I saw your name and your eyes.

I think this is a farewell, popsicles. Until I write – or type, whatever suit you – here again *which will take forever

p/s: gif above is when kushina asked sasuke to be friend with naruto. that part got me to tears ;;

Adios amigos. Assalamualaikum.


  1. that "dear you" and confession part are really funny , idk why. i just laugh esp when you mentioned about double flips.

  2. @Farihah Syahmina that's good of you to think it's funny haha

  3. happy holiday lyana! did you watch it? when the kyubi stabbed kushina and minato? it kills me inside huh.

  4. @Kuchiki EnnaMoon : happy holiday too enna-san! yesss! that moment is so sad ok and i cried! ;_;


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