exam week

10/17/2014 10:59:00 pm

Two weeks no school. If you listen closely, you can hear my heart screaming in joy!

Finally a break from school and exam. But after that, I’ll have 4 papers more. Akaun, chemistry, add math and physics. Haih tough subjects. I don’t know if I can handle them. Lucky for those who only have 3 papers left.

I know now all form 3 students scream in joy because PT3 is over. But I heard they’ll have another exam. PBS? Well good luck on that.

Just so you know, form 4 is not a honeymoon year. I’m sorry for breaking the news. But being a form 4 student is just really really hard time for you. You have to make up your mind on what stream you want to do. Pray hard, study hard, aim for A’s in spm and don’t be like me. But most of all; have fun. That’s what you should do.

Heh. Just talking ain’t gonna bring you nowhere. Prove that you can do it, and that’s something.
If you plan on taking prinsip perakaunan, I advise you do not procrastinate on your project. You’re going to flunk. I s2g.

So, yeah study tu study jugak, solat jangan tinggal. Have fun tu mesti. Karang focus sangat tak pasal-pasal jadi zombie.

Ok. Good luck. You’re going to need that.


  1. @kuchiki ennamoon : thank youu :)

  2. wuu i'm one of that pt3's students tp tak enjoy sgt, takut pikir result haha. thankyou for ue advice!!! nak save buat note je rasa hehe. ALL THE BEST ANYWAY! :)

  3. @sya syahirah : haha this is just merely a note. just keep going on and never grief on what happened in the past. thank you :)


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