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10/04/2014 05:59:00 pm
guten tag.

liebster award

  • Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
  • Answer the 11 question asked
  • Nominate 11 other blogger with smaller following but with lots of potential
  • Create 11 your own question for them to answer
  • Notify your nominate.
award ni ditag oleh kimkirah. arigatou onēsan! (◕‿◕✿)

questions from kimkirah:

1. Dah berapa lama berblogging?
erm since 2011 so 4 years more or less :)

2. Apa lagu favourite Top 5 sekarang?
(not in order)
- pierce the veil's yeah boy and doll face
- one direction's steal my girl
- blood on the dance floor's lovestruck
- ed sheeran's don't
- charli xcx's boom clap

3. Apa matlamat yang korang mesti capai dalam 5 tahun akan datang?
5 tahun akan datang... erm, i'll be 21 and probably belum habis belajar. just keep studying.

4. Apa impian yang ingin dicapai pada suatu masa dahulu dan tak tercapai, tapi korang tak menyesal malah bersyukur?
none... kot?

5. Wallpaper phone sekarang gambar sape?
my favorite female actress at the moment; crystal reed (◡‿◡✿)

6. Kalau study suka suasana macam mana? (bising2 macam dengar lagu atau sunyi sepi?
both. tapi kalau hafal better sunyi sepi.

7. Kalau tengah kusut, Apa korang buat? (update status FB? contoh je..hehe)
sleep my trouble away

8. Apa perkataan bahasa asing yang pertama korunk belajar or ingat sekarang?
auf wiedersehen. germany words mean goodbye.

9. Kalau di beri peluang untuk menjadi seseorang,siapa yang ingin anda jadi?
niall horan

10. Kalau di beri pilihan untuk memilih antara "dijodohkan dengan pilihan parent" dengan "pilihan sendiri" mana yang anda pilih?
since i was form 1 i told my mom i want her to choose my husband. so yeah, pilihan parents :)

11. Latest task you were doing and what is its benefit? (Tak termasuk post ni)
folio prinsip perakaunan. benefit? 10% markah peperiksaan akhir tahun.

versatile blogger award

  1. Thanks to the person who gave you this award (include a link to their blog)
  2. Select 15 blogs (bloggers you've recently discovered, followed regularly)
  3. Nominate these 15 to the Versatile Blogger Award
  4. Tell the person who nominated you with 7 things about yourself
tagged by ray. arigatou imōto (◕‿◕✿)

seven facts about me:

- malaysian
- 18 years old in 1 and half year
- if you ask me what would i do with my money, i'll buy books. loads of books.
- muslim
- schoolmates call me 'gangster' so i think you can guess my behaviour
- open-minded (i wish)
- sassmaster (when i need to)

im very sorry i'm too lazy to tag people and give questions. please don't hate me. 

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