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,3/09/2017 11:02:00 am

Alias; Leo
Age; 18 years-old
Gender; Female
Nationality; Malaysian

An ailuromania, an introvert, one who appreciates good writing and photography. Also someone who is eager to learn those thing that have nothing to do with her studies. A self-proclaimed person of excellent yet diverse taste. Someone who is lack of brain-to-mouth filter. A sucker for art, books, anime and anything that is aesthetically pleasing. Currently taking Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering at Universiti Malaysia Perlis - and struggling to be a decent human being. The smell of old book is my guilty pleasure.

Wanna know me better? Read this and this.

About the blog;
DOB; October 2011
Language; (broken) English and sometimes Malay
Previous url;

Originally, this blog was created when I was form one but I've deleted 2 years of my posts - and some of my pointless posts. I was so embarrass that the moment I read them all back, I just decided to delete them forever. I'm still not comfortable enough to use my real name, so pardon me while I use alias and anime character-based url.

My blog design is inspired by many blogs - if I can, I want to fit everything in a template, but sadly I can't. Still struggling to make my blog responsive as some people said it's essential nowadays. I'm using English as my main language (somtimes in Malay too) in this blog as a practice to write better in English - and I hope it's working out.

Big thanks to all these blogs for helping me design this blog!
Blog archive; thesepapersites
Date under post title; xomisse
Navigation bar; w3schools
All my photos are from stock photos and tumblr. None of these are mine unless stated.

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