End of Industrial Training

2/28/2019 10:35:00 pm


Alhamdulillah, tomorrow I will be ending my industrial training. I am ever so thankful for everyone who have been helping me getting through this. Big thanks for all the staffs and research officers there for being so kind. Teaching me all kind of things either related to my studies or not. 

Next week I have to go back to my university for oral presentation. Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful for my supervisor who always be asking for my report. She is the reason I completed my report so quickly and got a chance to let my lecturer check it before I have to submit. My lecturer also used my report as example for my classmates 😅

I am also thankful for this company to hold a presentation session last Tuesday. Now I am ready and prepared for my presentation at my university. My supervisors also has commented on things I have to adjust in my slide. I think this is a great opportunity to give my all during my presentation at uni. Let's pray for me to not get nervous during my viva ✊

The only problem I ever had was handling my a*hole roommate which thankfully, we did not go to the same workplace. You cannot imagine how torture I felt living with her. This is an experience for me and also lessons for us. Please have common sense. This is essential in our everyday life. One of the things is;
  • please do not make any noise when your roommate is sleeping, praying or reciting Al-Quran.

    we both are muslim women. I don't know what her problem is, but she always singing, playing video as loud as she can, on call and talking loudly when I was doing one of those things. Sabar is a good thing but everyone has their own limit, okay.
I don't have anything more to say beside I am so thankful that I am finishing my diploma. Alhamdulillah!

I have not plan to post this today but seeing my last post was in mid January, yeah I am going to post it now. A road to be better and more active blogger 😂 By the way, my friends and I are planning on going to Penang (belah pulau). If you guys have any idea on what to do at Penang, please drop it in comment section below ↓

Until I write again,


  1. Congrats on finishing your industrial training! 😊 if you go to Penang, do try Roti Canai Gemas Road hehehe

  2. Lama tak nampak. Having a bad roommate sucks but on the bright side you wouldn't have to live with her anymore right :)

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