Recap and Lessons of 2018

1/13/2019 09:25:00 am


2018 had been such a great year for me. There were tons of things I have done for the first time such as donate blood, bought a plant, get stung by wasp, went to watch a movie at cinema alone, finish diploma and many more!

Last year I did not have any new year resolutions (you can refer back to this post - which I posted back in January 2018.) But I think I want to recap 2018 based on my 2017 resolutions as it is easier for me to recap it back hehe.

1. Be a better servant of Allah
Alhamdulillah, please pray for me so I get a chance to finish Al-Quran again this year. I am trying and always be striving to be better than last year. Let's strive together?

2. Save money
Alhamdulillah, this year I set a goal to save RM5 every time I get a change. I am so proud and grateful for myself as I managed to collect RM💰💰💰 this year alone. The reason I want to save is because my friend did this and every time she told me how much she have, I was so jealous of her 😆 So I set a goal to be like her and collect it too. I want to thank her for being such an inspiration for me haha Tapi kadang-kadang ambil jugak duit tu because let's face it, I am a student and always broke...

3. Get dean list for semester 4 and 5
Alhamdulillah again, I scored for both semesters. Surprisingly, I got my highest pointer during semester 4. I was super happy with it and when I told my mom and saw how proud her was, it made all my hard work paid off. Let's strive for dean list for semester 6! Also, I scored band 4 for my MUET test. Thank you for all of your warm wishes :D

4. Update blog regularly and first giveaway
Emm I think it's regularly enough compared to 2017 isn't it? 😅

As for giveaway, I always said I'll do my first GA when I hit 500 followers right? Alhamdulillah, my current followers count is 505 right now. Thank you so much for supporting my blog and read all these nonsense I've been spouting here 😊 I have not decide yet when I want to do my giveaway and what present to give... please comment down below what present do you want when I do the giveaway and I will choose it within my budget. But I will never give money as present (sorry!) It is my personal mindset to never give money to people as a gift 😅

If anyone want to sponsor my GA, please drop your details, rules and regulations to my email at my sidebar or here ðŸ™†

5. Lead a healthy lifestyle
2018 is where I walk so much I think my heart and lungs are all good and healthy. I walk from my rent house to my internship place for a good 15 minutes, so I guess it's pretty healthy right? With all these smoking ban going on, I think everyone will lead a healthy lifestyle now 😆 Also, I am training myself to eat vegetables. BUT I still struggle to drink water 8 glasses or 1.5L a day. I cannot find anything to motivate me at all 😭

Things I have learned in 2018 -

  • You can never have a same idea with someone else without them calling you a copycat. Have they never heard of the proverb "Great minds think alike, though fools seldom differ"
  • No one will cares even if you shout your problems to the world as they refuse to understand.
Right now I don't have anything to add to the lessons padahal before this banyak je benda yang I want to say adoyai...

As of 2019, I have several of my personal goals but I would like to keep it to myself. Because I know kalau bagitau orang mesti tak akan jadi punya 😶

Overall, 2018 have been such a great year for me. I get to experience many things and I hope in 2019 I will be adding the list of my experiences.

How was your 2018? I wish 2019 will bring us more happiness and will be better than 2018!


  1. Hi! looks like you had an amazing 2018! may 2019 brings lot of happines and joy! hehe

    here a post where i wrote about my 2018 , you can check it out :)

  2. No. 4 is a blogger's goal every year lol

    Good luck to all your goals and if you decide to host a giveaway I'd promote it on my blog

  3. good luck this year! I'm sure you'll be able to meet those deadlines <3

  4. wow looks like you have achieved lots of goals! I am really envy xD and wish you for a better life this year ^^


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