3/02/2016 04:02:00 pm


I think March this year is a pretty scary month for me. As all of you know, those who took sijil pelajaran malaysia (SPM) in 2015 will receive their result on 3rd or March (esok omg). Unsurprisingly, I am one of the SPM leavers.

So it makes my heart beat a little bit faster every time I'm thinking about the outcome. I'll get restless and starting to regret every choice I made in the past two years. Like,

  1. "I should had study more"
  2. "I should had make more exercises"
  3. "I should has just ask what I didn't understand"

All these thoughts keep bugging me like flies to rotten meat and let me tell you, the sight is not pretty at all.

But whay can I do, let the bygone be bygones. As a SPM leaver, all I can do is praying and tawakal. Bak kata orang, manusia hanya merancang, Allah yang menentukan segala-galanya.

So I'm just going to sit here and try not to die. Haha I mean pray as much as I can because that's the only thing I can do right now. Nak putar balik masa memang dah tak boleh la kan. Lain la kalau ada time machine kan?

I'm wishing for all the best to all spm leavers in Malaysia. I hope you'll pass with flying colors!

Note to self and others; Don't forget to thank your teachers who had thought you lots of knowledge. Your parents who always pray for the best and gave moral support to us.

Hohoho I'm sure tomorrow all makcik, pakcik, kawan mak, kawan ayah, semua tanya soalan yang sama;

"Anak dapat berapa A?"

Kenapa setiap ada peperiksaan yang pending mesti Tanya berapa A? Tanya la berapa B me, berapa C ke. Haha tapi nanti tak tahu pula anak orang to pandai mana ye dok?

Tadi sembang dengan my mom about SPM result esok and she asked me "rasanya angah dapat apa?" And I answered with "entah la mak tak tau nak rasa apa."

The truth is, I feel seram sejuk mak bola mak tanya macam tu. I'm the type of person yang low confident level so bila tanya macam to memang berdebar je la...

I have 3 others cousins who are SPM leavers to and we all took different streams so if you want to compare us, it's a big NO NO okay :)

Okay la actually I want to write short update but jauh pulak menyimpang. I want to wish good luck to SPM leavers again. If you didn't get what you wish for hm.. Redha je la haha (cakap kat mak A ramai dah ambik)

P/s: I was supposed to publish this yesterday but my mom suruh mohon upu. Lama kot nak research betul-betul about a course before I choose it.

P/s ii; I'm working on a new blogskin & anime review is coming up so keep your eyes open.

Omg I need a job !!


  1. I know right? I'm so nervous about tomorrow! :/ But good luck Leo and good luck to all of us Spm leavers!!

  2. well goodluck ! and, a super serious research need to be done when it comes to upu lulz

    because, theres consequences on it :D
    cheers :D

  3. Ookayyy.... Ermm so, how's your result?? I hope you're doing great! Hehe.. Alhamdulillah apa adanya, all the best for your future (especially in your studies) #muahciked :-*


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