Anime Review: Zankyou No Terror

3/13/2016 02:01:00 pm

Warning: this post may contain spoiler. Read at your own risk.
English: Terror in Resonance
Japanese: 残響のテロル
Type: TV
Episodes: 11
Aired: Jul 11, 2014 to Sep 26, 2014
Producers: Aniplex, Dentsu, Fuji TV, Tohokushinsha Film Corporation
Licensors: FUNimation Entertainment
Source: Original
Genres: Psychological, Thriller
Duration: 22 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)

Hi there as promised, I'm back with anime review (and new blogskin). If you're interested in reading my last one you can read it here [click].

This story is about a shocking terrorist attack that happened in Tokyo and the only hint of identity of the culprit is a video uploaded to the internet. The police, baffled by this sudden attack are helpless to stop the paranoia across the population.

While the world continuously searching for a criminal mastermind to blame on this tragedy, two mysterious children - children who shouldn't even exist - masterfully carry out their plan. They were given the name Nine and Twelve, and the two combine to form "Spinx".

Okay so honestly their plans are so awesome! Can you believe it several phones can explode a whole building? Sugoi! From this scene, a schoolmate of theirs, Mishima Lisa decided to join them because as Nine gave her two options;
"You can die where you are or become an accomplice."
And of course la who want to die kan? So she chose to be an accomplice. And one day she ran from house because her mother is kinda crazy. Twelve found her and since then she live with them.

*Twelve may or may not like Lisa

All of these terrorist attacks are made as a wake up call to the society about "something" that "someone" did to these children that shouldn't even exist. A little after that, another character show up. She's one of those children that was given the number Five (I believe she's a sadist).

I wanna give ★★★★ (5 stars!) I highly recommend this anime to you. This anime is suuuuuper awesome! Some may say it's a little bit like Psycho-Pass, both in art and genre. So yeah, go and watch it hehe

p/s: jangan tanya result spm pls 

MAJOR SPOILER: I cried when Five, Nine and Twelve died.

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