hello november + BBQ party

11/03/2013 05:44:00 pm


How are you guys? I’m fine, apart from my throbbing toothache – which no longer throbbing now. I’m just so glad the pain stop because I don’t know if I can take it any longer. Ahah.

Ah, dah lamanya tak buat post time macam ni. 1st day of every month – even sekarang dan 3rd. Mana taknya, bulan-bulan yang lepas kononnya nak focus on PMR, tapi lepas ambil PMR ni rasa malas yang sememangnya dah berbukit tu bertambah jadi gunung pula.

Rutin lepas PMR: tidur, makan, online, melukis and do it all over again. Ha, nampak tak yang aku ni tak ada life? Ceh, ada la bila Disaster Five sibuk tarik aku keluar rumah menghadap Ryohei ((matahari)) jalan-jalan keliling tasik. Dan semestinya ‘jalan-jalan’ tu maksudnya drive sampai block 3 yang hujung dunia tu untuk main buaian semata-mata. Betapa tak sihatnya aktiviti yang DF buat sepanjang tak pergi sekolah ni.

1st November 2013 –  pergi sekolah, ambil buku form 4. Sedih kejap mengenangkan yang diri ini nak naik form 4 less than 2 months. Dengan perangai yang still lagi dalam mode childhood, rasanya boleh kut survive untuk 2 tahun lagi. Walaupun nak ambil SPM lagi dua tahun, tapi haha, childhood mode forever on. Messing around is a part of me and I can’t easily change it without hurting another part of me.

2nd November 2013 – the day was like the best day I could ever ask for. My family balik kampung and I was willingly to stay at home alone sebab tak nak terlepas a BBQ party dianjurkan oleh kelas sendiri. BBQ tu set up at Noor’s house – at block 3. For the first time ever I felt like we own the night. It was amazingly perfect! Even tak semua orang datang, tapi BBQ tu still meriah.

Part memasak memang dah bagi dekat orang yang willingly datang rumah Noor lepas asar. Bagi kitorang yang tak berapa nak rajin ni, datang pukul 8 je. Ahah! I’m glad to have the twins – Ikah and Ila – drive us to Noor’s house. Kalau tak, memang tak lah nak datang naik motor.

We – Iffah, Ikah and Ila – conquer the only table that stand alone at the corner of the khemah ((dan dekat dengan makanan)) nampak tak permainan dia? Duduk dekat situ sebab malas nak duduk ramai-ramai dengan orang lain – diorang duduk dekat 3 or 4 meja yang bersambung jadi satu meja panjang. Malas nak crowded sangat ((dan jauh dari makanan)) kitorang just decided untuk duduk situ. Tak, itu semua penipuan. Tak terfikir pun nak duduk situ. Sampai-sampai terus tarik kerusi sebab malas berdiri. Dan baru perasan meja tu stand alone beberapa jam kemudian.

And we never expect some guys from our class nak duduk satu meja dengan kitorang. And that some guys are the guys that sleep over at Noor’s house because helping him – my ‘beloved-15k-future-husband-aka-my-neighbour-aka-my-worst-enemy-ever’ ((pls note the sarcasm)), Shahril and Noor. Seriously each time they open their mouths to speak, I just can’t stop myself from laughing. They’re just too funny! Even the way they talk got me crack a chuckle.

Not try to mention they planned to burn down my house since I stay alone that day. How brilliant the idea -_-

I was kind of lost track of time as we arrive home 15 minutes away from midnight. I got the twins to stay at my house for the night, which is lucky since I’m not that brave to stay alone without bad thought filling my mind. But then we stay up till 3 am because watching Ouran High school Host Club. It’s not my fault when the twins suddenly open the anime – and I can't say no to Hikaru and Kouru.

So, that was our night. Completely perfect. But everything got the end of them, same as the night. Hopefully we can do the same BBQ party all over again. Or at least, I quoted our teacher saying, “5 tahun akan dating kita akan duduk sama-sama macam ni, bawah satu khemah yang sama. Tapi ada satu atau dua orang akan duduk diam.”

A wedding.

“The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they’re too heavy to be broken.” – Haikal Johari: Anthem by Hlovate


  1. Assalamualaikum.
    You're good in your english :) Even though you're just 15 years old, i just have to say i love your post, your character - the way you describe yourself in your blog 'childish', i can totally relate to that :D The thing is about your post, do your best for your studies in higher forms, and Good Luck for SPM :) - yup, it is too early ~ sorry, and Ouran High School is the best !! even when i'm into k-wave too much. now i'm just blabbering again. Sorry for the loong comment :D

  2. Wa'alaikummussalam.
    oh my this is the most precious thing ppl ever say to me. thanks for your compliment /even i'll never deserve it/
    thank you, thank you, thank you. oh wow i already run out of words but - just thank you very much! thanks for the wish, insha-Allah i'll do my best.
    no, i don't mind the long comment bc you are just too kind to even talking abt me, ahah.


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