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11/28/2018 09:38:00 pm


How are you? It has been a while since my last entry, but eh... It is now 3rd week of my internship. My internship so far has been quite a journey. Everyone is so kind and helpful. I am happy where I am now. Everyday has been such a bliss and I get to learn lots of things from the seniors here. I cannot say much as it is my 3rd week here, I have 13 weeks to go until I finish this internship. I am hoping that everything will go on smoothly.

Today, my supervisor offered us - my friend and I - to go to Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism Show 2018 aka MAHA 2018 as there are some vacancy, so we got the opportunity to join the group. It was very tiring, but I had so much fun with my friends. We did not go to every places available as we were walking plus we do not have the time to go everywhere. But I am happy as I get to try lots of food, saw some exhibits and bought a succulent!

There are tons of people around. I did not expected it to be so crowded as it was on Wednesday. But it did. I am not a fan of going to crowded places, but once in a while okay lah. I don't have anything to say about it, but everything you have been hearing about MAHA 2018 is true okay.

"Lots of people, lots of food, lots of plants, lots of animal". - MAHA 2018, described by Leo.
These are some pictures I took before I decided to enjoy it with my own eyes instead of behind my phone ;




As you can see from the title above, I did bought a succulent! The only non food thing I bought from the event. The story goes when our co-worker wanted to buy a succulent, and the price was 3 or RM13. As there were 3 of us at the moment, she said why not we buy one for each of us? And I was like, yeah okay. I have been wanting to buy a cacti or succulent for a long time. But I have not got the chance. Today is my day!

At the first moment I laid my eyes of the succulents, I was entranced by this one particular purple succulent. To me it was such a unique thing as everything else was regular coloured - green. Without further ado, I took it and bring it home.

I took the farthest right - the purple one!

Now I put it on my window and I hope it's sufficient lah. Mind you, I have literally no experience taking care of a plant, let alone a succulent. If you have any tips on how to keep it living in a long life, please please tell me how. After posting this entry I am going to start googling how to take care of it. I am going to pray that I inherit my mom's green thumb 😅 

I am planning of buying those aesthetic pots. Ha barulah hipstur gituuu

Here is my succulent in the original pot. I am going to upgrade it into hipstur succulent later hehe

Have you been to MAHA yet? If so, what have you bought?

Until I write again,


  1. Tak pernah pergi dan teringinnya ... walau orang sesak dan ramai. Tapi, satu pengalaman baru kan?

    1. Pergi lah walau sekali pun haha. esok ada lagi sis :D yup pengalaman yang bermaknalah :)

  2. Pernah beli succulent. Masa tu tak tau lagi benda alah tu succulent.Ahahahaha,last2 succulent tu mati sebab tak pandai jaga....

  3. Hi Leo, I just found your blog. A new follower here hehe.
    I've been wanting to buy this plant for sooo long T-T
    And some other type of cactus too!
    But I suck at taking care of plants hahaha

    All the best in taking care of that baby :3

  4. rumah dekat je dengan MAHA ni tapi jarang pegi. masa kecik2 dulu selalulah datang xD

  5. comel je succulent tu, BV pun teringin nak beli kalau ternampak orang jual tapi taktau nak jaga macam mana 😂

  6. love the succulent! <3 <3 i always wanted to buy one but my study table is always messy because of the wind from the outside


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