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10/19/2016 02:08:00 pm

Firstly, I want to say I'm so sorry for not posting anything for a month. My life had been hectic with final exam and packing for semester break going on. But now that I'm home - since last week actually - I finally encourage myself to be a lil diligent and update this blog.

As usual, I'm going to talk about something I really love - which is watching anime, movies, etc. These are the list for what I've watched and currently watching. If you've taken interest to any of them or have watched em, let me know so we can exchange opinion on the shows :)

You can click on the pictures to get more information about the show.


  1. Servamp - You can literally guess it's Servant + Vampire = Servamp. This anime has a great story line that always make you wonder. When you're questioning something, you can't just stop watching it because the answer can be in any episode. While watching this anime, I always have the question "What Kuro had done in the past?" and I get my answer bit by bit. And the seven deadly Servamp can turn into animals! How kawaii is that >,<

  2. ReLIFE - I. like. this. anime. a. lot. Although it's nothing special, but it's something! All episodes are so connected with each other. You can see how amazing the character development is. In some anime, the character development may be kind of hard to see. But in this anime, you can learn one or two to push yourself to change from who are you now to be a better person. Overall, it's very great anime and the art is easy on the eye.

  3. Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - oh god, this anime give me lots of feeling. One time I feel really happy and the other I feel really mad. If you're searching for relaxing story, believe me this is NOT it. Go find other anime, I assure you anything is better than this. But if you're looking to being distress, confuse and 'intense' feeling all over, I recommend this anime to you. I'm still watching this anime because I gotta prepare mentally before watch each episode (lol).

  4. Bungou Stray Dogs -  This anime have been in my plan-to watch since forever (kot). But I finally downloaded it. I'm happy to say it doesn't disappoint me. I can't wait to watch more on season 2, but since it is still airing, I don't want to download yet because it's kinda make me have 'leave me hanging' kind of feeling haha.
TV Show;

Teen Wolf season 5 (part 1 and 2)
I re-watch this season because when I was watching this season last year, my notebook crash down and I was stuck at episode 12. It was sad thing because everything was so intense and I was in the middle of the episode and it just crash. down. What had I done to deserve this? *cries

Now that I've bought new laptop, I start watching it again and finally got all my questions answered and yeah I finally get to watch Crystal Reed acting in Teen Wolf again. Ever since Allison Argent died in season 4,  I was waiting for her to show up - even as other character, but still a hunter nonetheless. The first hunter actually.

In each season of Teen Wolf, you'e going to ask yourself "Who is ____?" a lot. Because they literally hide someone's identity and only show it to you when the season almost ending.

Season 6 has start airing and I heard it's going to be the last season :( So in this season, I'm going to pray really hard for them to bring back all Teen Wolf original cast. I want to see Tyler Hoechlin acting again in Teen Wolf please!

Istg if there's only going to be Peter Hale, I'm going to get really mad. God, I hate that character a lot. He always bring disaster although sometimes he help the pack.  He got all this creepy vibe going on that make me having doubt whether he's being kind or just lying.

Sorry I end up ranting about this show instead :(

Bride Wars (2009)

While I was copying Teen Wolf season 5 from my friend, I look into her folder and saw this movie. I don't even know who act in this movie or what this movie was about. I was like, oh the title sounds good. Okay I'm going to take this.

When I watch the movie and saw Anne Hathaway, I was like yes! Thank god I took this movie. I like Anne Hathaway a lot. Her acting always get me every time.

Despite many negative reviews, the story itself is really interesting. It's about two best friends who love each other so much, when their date messed up and they ended up getting married on the same day, the war started.It's kind of sad when 2 best friends start fighting while they need each other as maid in honor. 

The Purge: Election Year (2016)

I've always want to watch The Purge, but can't find where to download it that don't require having to complete survey, or download as torrent. So when my friend only have the third movie, I was like okay I'll take this too.

I was having an impression this is going to be like Final Destination - with lots of gore going on. But unfortunately, it's pretty boring. Maybe because it's about politics, so it has lots of people talking. I'm really fond of action, sorry.

I'm not sure about other movies in this series tho, so I can't really say about them. Overall, it's still a nice time killer :)

I wasn't plan to give any comment about each show, but I still end up doing it ._. This post has become too long to my liking, but if you still read it till the end, I'm so proud of you. I apologize for any grammar mistakes in this post (and in other posts too). I'm still learning on how to write perfectly in English. And people says "practice make perfect", right?


  1. lol i love watching movies too but not anime ! and i love mostly horror :D

    1. ooh i see, it's okay everyone got their own opinion right? for me horror movies is a big NO XD

  2. i see u'r fans of anime..hihihi..
    i only watch 3 anime series+_+'
    itazura na kiss, kuroku basketball &story about maid XD lol *_*
    ***i love watching korean and english story:D


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