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12/02/2015 01:18:00 am
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so malam tadi aku rasa very bored (i need to find a job) so i decided to make a blogskin. haha tak terer mana pun just try. dulu selalu jugak la guna blogskin ni api every time sama ngan orang lain sebab ambik kat lol. and that's the story of why i use template designer instead of blogskin.

so yea, this is a freebies for you. it's just very simple and lame, but you can edit it yourself and make it a lot better (sorry saya tak pro *cries)

preview | code

  • it's very simple and monochrome + yellow (soz i dont like it when my skin too colorful but you can change it no worries)
  • no navigation
  • 6 links for your networks / cbox
  • image hover
  • and please dont do anything with the code that start with .box (that thing makes me frustrated)
  • well that's basically it
  • i'm suck
  • sorry
  • oh and if you wish to change the background, find background-image:url and change the url with your own background

can you please be a doll and don't delete the copyright & comment if you take? thank you *wink
that preview blog is just temporary until i decide to create another skin tu pun kalau aku rajin la hahahahahhaahhahahabye

p/s; does anyone want to hire me? i need money ASAP lol

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  1. hey! i like this skin so much but i can't copy the code (invalid id) anyways thank you!


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